Saturday, May 20, 2006

Caption Shelby

Nine Lives (2005) = 4.5/10. It's another one of those interconnected vignetted movies that I typically enjoy. Only this wasn't so interconnected. Nothing to see here, move right along.

Rumor Has It... (2005) = 4/10. It takes a special kind of ick to shimmy on the same penis both your mother and grandmother once enjoyed. There were good moments in the movie, but overall, it left me lukewarm. And I did not buy the ending at all.

Dawson's Creek: Season 2: Disc 1 (1998). I don't like Jen. Or her haircut. But I do like Jack. And he does look like you, Dr. Joe Padalino.

Paper Clips (2004) = 7/10. Very inspiring. Something didn't fit in the movie, though. It was like the director took a bunch of film around the events and thought "crap, how am I going to put all of this together?" The resulting documentary left me feeling like something was missing, or like parts were out of order. I'm also not convinced that a town full of only WASPs (the principal said whole only school had 1 black kid, 5 "Hispanic" kids), in Tennessee, and close to where significant race relation events took place is totally unbiased now after the Holocaust project.

The Ringer (2005) = 4/10. A Doug choice. Not nearly as bad as I had imagined. But I feel bad for laughing at mentally challenged people, even if some of them are just acting.

I went to River Parks with my mentee a few weeks ago. We walk around a bit and then decided to take some pics. I had my dog Shelby with me, too. Forget about the fact that I'm all schwetty and gross-looking, check out the expression on Shelby's face:

A little closer:

I'm trying to decide if it looks more like Wasssuuupppp!, deer in the headlights, or like a kid hamming it up for the camera by blowing a raspberry. Regardless, it made me smile.

My (step) aunt and uncle are in town from Jersey to see their new grandbaby my cousin produced last month. Although I am the oldest grandchild (by four months), I did not produce the family's first great-grandchild. I'm alright with that. I get to meet Miss Britain Gill tomorrow. Doug comes with. Ahhh...that two hour fleeting illusion of one big happy family.


ET said...

Caption Shelby:
"That's HOT!"

giselle said...

You never give us the password to see the babies. :(

Shelby cute. :)

Rachel said...

I most certainly DO give the password to see the babies, you're just too eager to see it and click too quick. Slow down, put your mouse over the name of the baby and M-A-G-I-C will happen! Magic complete with Job's magic song that is still stuck in my head.