Sunday, June 04, 2006

I Just Can't Have Nice Normal Things (5)

Casanova (2005) = 6/10. Quite appealing visually (well, aside for seeing a partially nekkid Oliver Platt). The storyline was pretty good, too. Period movies are generally my favorites. Especially the ones where the women wear dresses that make their boobies squish up to their throats.

Cinderella Man (2005) = 6.5/10. Once again, my opinion differs greatly from the general population. Because I hold the controversial and extremely unpopular opinion that most spectator sports are a form of boring low brow entertainment, it's extremely difficult for me to get into movies that revolve around them. As far as the whole "fighting for his family" theme is concerned, it's just average. Really. I felt that a lot of the emotional aspect of family was left out. Go see Paddy Considine (the friend Mike Wilson in the movie) in In America. Now, there's a "fight for your family" story. Having said this, I think any guy would love this movie in much the same way any guy loves Rudy. Which I hated. And yes, I've been told my opinion on sports makes me unAmerican before, so save yourself both the typing effort and snarky comments/email. Doug, on the other hand, thought that the family aspect was developed just fine.

I consider myself to be very low maintenance. Aside from life's bare essentuals, if you give me somewhere to take a showerbath, toothpaste/toothbrush, something to watch (preferably a movie I haven't seen yet) or read (anything really....well, anything aside from The Wall Street Journal), an area big enough to do some wind sprints (although a treadmill is preferable), clean clothes (T-shirt and PJ bottoms are my favorite), fingernail clippers, and a toilet, I can keep manage to keep myself happy for quite some time.

But when one of those essentual things goes away, I find myself easily miffed. The source of many eye-rolling episodes since I moved into my apartment has been my toilet. A working toilet seems a reasonable request, right? The two previous summers my toilet and/or wall behind my toilet made a weird click noise. Almost like a pump or something. And I'm the world's worst at keeping my toilet clog free. I finally learned how to successfully operate a plunger a few months ago. I know, I know. The bowl shape worsens the liklihood of clogs, too. Sometimes in the winter, my toilet makes a "sucking" noise in the dead of night. A few months ago, something was set wrong such that the water kept running. Like the floaty ball wouldn't pop up and stop the water. It took the maintenance guy at my apartment twice before he fixed it. Then when it broke for the third time, Doug rigged a way to make the water stop without having to manually lift the floaty ball. I thought my toilet troubles were over. Instead...

I get done tinkling Friday night and go flush the handle. I'm partially asleep. "Hmm...that's weird. I just pushed the flush handle and it stayed down. And didn't even flush. Can I just lift it and try it again? Nope...[lifting the lid]...dammit...I can't fix this one on my own. I just can't have nice things, can I? Wait...a toilet is not really a "nice" thing. I can't even have normal things now, apparently:

The thing I'm holding is supposed to be attached to the back of the handle.

Because I can still flush it, the management didn't deem this an emergency worth calling a guy to fix it. Fine. In the meantime, I have to reach into the cold water and pull on the long piece of plastic. Niiiiice.

In other news, Doug and I attended our first wedding together Saturday. More on that after the jump.


Meg said...

I completely agree with you on "In America." I loved your comment about the squashed boobs...priceless!

Anonymous said...

A toilet is like a car. It will get dirty in the inside even if it is keep clean outside. I wouldn't dare to put my hands in there without desinfecting it first. I know the tank only holds clean water, but after a few years, many things seem to be growing in there.

You are holding a nice plastic toilet bar. It is the cheapest of them all and will probably be replaced by another plastic one, that will need replacement again in 2-5 years.

Rachel said...

"I wouldn't dare to put my hands in there without desinfecting it first." I probably shouldn't be picking my butt and then directly chewing on my fingers, either, huh? Just kidding....

How about cleaning my hands after I put them in there? That should work just as well. With as many unclean habits as I have (e.g., eating lunch at my office desk, touching my eyes and nose a LOT, putting my fingers in my mouth constantly), I figure a little bit o' toilet pond scum probahly won't kill me. I just won't think about it.

giselle said...

Hahahahah. Pond scum.

You forgot your zit picker and foot scraper in your list of essentials. ;)

Oh and sports suck.

Rachel said...

The infamous zit picker and foot scraper are REALLY nice to have, but I would be content without them.