Monday, June 12, 2006

Need a little counseling?

The Station Agent (2003) = 6/10. Both Netflix and BK recommended this to me. Both are usually dead on. 5 of my Netflix friends rated this movie 4/5 or 5/5 stars. 11, 223 IMDB users rated it an average of 7.9/10. Not that this trend surprises me, though. The whole time during this movie I just kept thinking "ok, cool, so when's it get really good like everyone else said?" Then it just ended.

Date Movie (2006) = 3/10. Some parts were funny, but overall it was a miss. But didn't Alyson Hannigan's hair look fantastic?

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 2: Disc 2 (2001). I think what makes this series special is the ridiculousness of the situations Larry gets himself into.

Shopgirl (2005) = 8/10. That whole "older man who buys me things" relationship has never appealed to me. Thus, I cannot really relate. Had I been Mirabelle, the relationship wouldn't have happened. I really related to the little love lesson in this movie, though. There was definitely a long span of time I settled for being treated like crap. Looking back, I am surprised my parents and friends didn't hit me to snap me out of it. Oh wait, I remember now. He hit me and that's what finally snapped me out of it. Then, I just never returned his call.

A few things this Monday evening-

*If it's grocery store rush hour, could you please not let your 6-year-old scan the products when all checkers and self checkouts have no less than three in the lines behind you? It really won't hurt to tell them no. In fact, it might just build a little character that many feel our society lacks.

*Check out the view from my parents' house this morning/afternoon.

*Although it's definitely not perfect, I now have one more cardio option:

I'll use this thing when I don't feel like going to the apartment gym (e.g., too late, bad weather, A/C broken, want to watch a movie, etc.). It was just too good of an offer to pass. If you know of a way in which I can devise a method for easily moving this 90-pound thing from my bedroom to the living room, I'd greatly appreciate the input.

*In another disturbing episode of "Tales from a Very Short-lived Relationship," Mike sent me an instant message yesterday. Keep in mind, it's been 3 ½ years since I broke up with him. I can't even remember the last time I communicated with him in any form. 6 months? And of course, only to tell me that he broke it off with his fiancee and that he was going to graduate school. Anyway, given the circumstances, this opening line definitely sent crinkles through my nose (my thoughts/comments in italics):

(22:08:24) adamsm82000: hey don't have alot of time to talk but was wondering if you ever got married?
(22:08:35) adamsm82000: or getting married [Wha? Not even a hello or how you doing? Just straight to...trying to get me back? Or maybe hoping that I'm miserable or something?]
(22:08:40) Me: no, I've been dating Doug since May '05
(22:08:42) Me: why?
(22:08:49) adamsm82000: just wonderin
(22:09:04) adamsm82000: seems like u 2 are pretty serious [yeah, because you can totally tell that a person is serious with someone else on an IM, right?]

He goes on to tell me that I'm an awful mentor because I don't challenge her enough emotionally. Funny, because I it was crystal clear in the packet I received the fact that I am supposed to be her friend, not another counselor/teacher/disciplinarian. Furhtermore, my mentee doesn't need more challenge to her emotions. Her life is challenging enough to her emotions as is. But I guess I should listen to Mike. After all, he's the one getting a degree in "psychology" that he believes will end in the attaining of an LPC, right? It may, but I dunno...doesn't really seem to be on this list of careers. Then again, I can remember sitting in the parking lot of Zio's when he wanted to be a middle school geography teacher. We ended up in an heated arguement over if there was a West Virginia or not. Oy!


giselle said...

Interesting workout machine thingy. Must come over and see it. :)

Amanda Z said...

There's TWO VIRGINIAS??????


ET said...

Tell that dude I said to F off. Seriously!