Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tinklin' the Night Away

Duane Hopwood (2005) = 6/10. I only thought of David Schwimmer as Ross twice during the movie.

It's certainly been a while, but I finally had witnessed something bloggably odd. Doug and I went to The Brook South Saturday evening. Those of you who have dined with me know that before my meal I will almost always excuse myself after drinks arrive to wash my hands in the restroom. Because it grosses me out to put my hands near my mouth when they smell like who knows what, that's why. Dr. Pepper arrives, order taken, hand-washing cue! I enter the bathroom to find the lights are all off. This is slightly strange because it isn't a single stall bathroom. It probably has three or four stalls. But I figure that perhaps the management was trying to save electricity or something. Flip lights on, wash hands, reach for paper towel dispenser. As I'm cranking the paper towels out, a toilet in the same bathroom flushes. I suppose it's possible that an overly sensitive electric toilet was set off by a buzzing fly, but I prefer to picture some helpless sixty year old in a stall doing her business while her bratty grandkid turned the lights out on her.

I leave for Chicago tonight where I will meet my family for a week. Although the campground I'm meeting my family at has high-speed wi-fi, I will be sharing the computer with four others. Thus, aside from the obligatory cartwheel in a strange place picture to post, I doubt I will be blogging much.


BKDotCom said...

Have fun!
Traveling to a large urban metropolis to stay in a campground seems a bit odd though. :)

Rachel said...

Well, technically we're in Michigan City, Indiana. And you know how my parents travel. They've already been gone a week and I'm just joining them for a week. I'm sure that they'll be gone for another month without me and they certainly won't stay in Chicago. But yes, it is very odd to stay at campgrounds regardless of how big or small the metropolis is.