Friday, June 23, 2006

Kermit Catches Some Waves

I hate flying! Next time I fly I need to remember that drinking a grande anything from Starbucks 30 minutes before the final flight wherein the fasten seatbelts light never goes off due to the short length of the flight is a stupid idea. Having said that...

Greetings from Michigan City, Indiana! We're about 50 miles away from Chicago. Thursday was spent sleeping in until 8:30, lounging around until 3:00, heading to the outlet mall, then spending some time on the beach of Lake Michigan at Washington Park in Michigan City. Chicago is visable across the lake:

I got my random cartwheel in an interesting place out of the way. I'm sure there will more this trip:

And after many failed attempts,

Joshua and I managed to perform this stunt:

Remember back on the trip in December when Kermit caught some turbulence? This day, he caught some waves:

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giselle said...

I'm glad you're on vacation and having fun and everything. But Shelby and I are ready for you to come home! We miss you. :)