Sunday, June 25, 2006

No oo in the pool!

Click (2006) = 7/10. This wasn't really your typical Adam Sandler movie. As in, he wasn't acting like the Billy Madison buffoon. And the overall message is good.

Punk'd: Season1: Disc 2 (2003). They show a prank with Britney Spears on this disc. What a difference 3 years has made with her!

When you think of your swimming experiences, do you remember a list of pool rules at every public and semi-public pool? I certainly remember a rules list at every swimming excursion I have had. Now think about what was typically at the top of the pool rules list. For me, these are what come to mind:


Here at the Michigan City Campground the pool rule priorities are slightly different (click on picture to see details):

Make sure to read the 4th rule, too. It's nearly as funny as the 1st. I don't even want to think about the event that led to that portion of the sign.


giselle said...


And speaking of poo, remind me to tell you a funny Shelby story when you get back.

BKDotCom said...

Poo stories are always funny!

Rachel said...

Funny Shelby story that has something to do with poo....great....

The most likely culprits are:

1. She ate some other animal's excrement while out on a walk,

2. She ate your cat's in your apartment,

3. You've discovered that Shelby eats (my) hair and the effects of that on her poo.