Saturday, July 01, 2006

Have dollar? Will lick!

Punk'd: Season 2: Disc 1 (2003). Ashton really does a great job of making us all believe he's a genuine fun guy. He might be, but something tells me it's all a ruse.

Friday night I went with Giselle and my newest friend Jessica to the Full Moon Cafe to see the dueling piano guys. Pretty funny stuff. Good times. The highlight of the night was Jessica and three other girls doing the hokey pokey on stage because it was their birthdays. Jessica was ladylike enough NOT to shake her "hooters" and backside all about. Someone needs to tell her that's most definitely what it's all about! I have pictures of the glorious event. However, given the fact that both Jessica and Giselle live in my apartment complex and Giselle currently holds a key to my aparment, I feel posting any pictures would be detrimental to my health and/or well-being.

The selfish highlight of the night came whilst I was eating Full Moon's yummy tortilla soup. I spilled a little on the table and Giselle told me that she'd give me a dollar if I'd lick it up. A whole dollar to lick something that tastes really good off of a surface that probably won't kill me? And will, in the very least, the action provide amusement for others! Sounds like a good deal to me (note Giselle laughing her tushy off in the background):

Then again, if you give me $1, I'll pretty much lick anything. Just kiddin'.

Yes, I do have more to say about Chicago, but I do not have the supporting pictures for my stories. That will have to wait until either my family gets back or Geoffrey uploads all of the pictures to me.

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