Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Air Vent of Love

The Office: Series 1. I believe much of the humour (it's a British series--random u's are permitted) was lost on Doug and me. Having said that, there were many a points where we laughed hysterically.

Imagine Me & You (2006) = 3/10. Aside from seeing sexy Piper Perabo rolling around with another girl in the backroom of a floral shop and the British accents, it's got nuthin'.

Palindromes (2004) = 7.5/10. The best "thinking" movie I have seen in quite some time. It shocks on every level and hit the disassociation with myself (very mild in my case) I experienced as a teen dead on. Even after reading the IMDB message, though, I'm still not sure I "get" it. And the theme song will be forever etched into my memory. I'll definitely be thinking about this movie for a long time.

With my library copy of The Sociopath Next Door and the dog, I settled into bed Wednesday. While nearing the end of the page, I noticed two flies buzzing about my bedroom. I thought nothing of it because I do, on a moderately rare occasion, open my front door. Sleep.

Thursday evening while I was doing my nightly routine of walk dog, wash face, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, I saw four flies around the lights in the bathroom. Once again, didn't think much of it.

Friday morning I wake and groggily stumble into the bathroom. I keep my bathroom doors closed during the night so Shelby doesn't get too curious about the contents of the trash. I step in and see about 40-50 live flies in the bathroom. Why? I cleaned my bathroom the week before and didn't notice any piles of maggots/eggs/other genetic materials (aside from the piles of my hair that accumulate on the floor) in my bathroom. Does this mean This must mean some fly lovin' went down in my air vents? Possibly while I was on vacation? I'm too lazy and apathetic to actually educate myself on the life cycle of a fly. At any rate, I spent a good bit of time Friday morning wishing I had a 30 cent flyswatter. This will loosely tie in with my next post.


Amanda Z said...

That is a horrifying story.

Rachel said...

It wasn't horrifying actually. Just really gross. The horrifying part was the amount of guts left behind on the mirror.

Also disgusting was the fact that I had to throw away my toothbrush because there were about 5 on it. I guess they were trying to eat the leftover paste. Good thing I have spare toothbrushes in case the brothers ever spend the night.

giselle said...

Weeeeeeeeeeird. I hope my apt's not full of flies. It's a mess so I'm sure it is. Oh well. I'll deal with it when I get home.