Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Early Morning Teak

Winter Solstice (2004) = 3/10. Boooooring.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 3: Disc 1 (2002). I seriously think that my aunt Becky and uncle Elon need to give this series a try.

Dawson's Creek: Season 3: Disc 3 (1999).

Despite being in my mid-twenties, there are many things which provoke the child-like attitude within. Take for instance particular words...

I try my very best to sleep until at noon on Saturdays, though I haven't been very successful during the last year. This past Saturday's sleep attempt was no different, but of course someone has to call because I was actually sleeping so well. My phone rang at about 08:20. My thoughts are never good when I receive a call this early ON A SATURDAY. "Did someone die? Is my grandma broke down on the side of the road somewhere? Is it a telemarketer? Is another relative or friend in jail again?"

Not this time.

To make a short story shorter, it was an sexually obscene phone call. Aside from the fact the caller sounded like he had a penis, I have no idea who called. I will assume, however, that it was either a friend playing joke on me, someone who randomly found me in the phone book, or someone I know trying to freak me out. If the desired intent was to freak me out, he might have succeeded had two significant details been changed:

1) It was EIGHT IN THE MORNING. That is entirely too early in the morning to be horny. Oh wait. It was a guy. And I forgot about the whole morning wood phenomenon. Although I usually sound fully cognizant in the mornings, I'm almost never actually awake enough to remember small details or to be scared. I'm just too tired.

2) After the small chit-chat in the beginning (wherein I was simply trying to figure out who the hell this person was and wasn't particularly paying much attention to what was actually said), he used a word that will forever make me laugh. Remember boys and girls, if you want to freak Rachel out with an obscene phone call, you must not said the word "erection." Had I been slightly more awake, I wouldn't have been able to contain my laughter. Erection is just not a sexy word. End of story.

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