Monday, August 07, 2006


Yes (2004) = 6/10. Here's another movie I couldn't completely enjoy because I'm not artsy enough. I remember watching the previews a few years ago and thinking "wow, that looks like it has many raunchy sex scenes, I should so totally put that on my list." Imagine my confusion when I discovered the public library owned a copy. "Hmm...why would the library have quasi-porn?" I figured out why. It's becuase the ENTIRE movie is spoken in verse*. Which was a little distracting to me. Through it all, though, I found something to be "beautiful" about the movie. I'm just not sure what since I didn't understand many elements--the cleaners' role in the movie, the ending, reason for the goddaughter's pain...

Dawson's Creek: Season 3: Disc 1 (1999). I can't believe they had Pacey and Jen do a lame version of the awesome Seinfeld The Deal episode. Seinfeld is funny; Dawson's Creek is not.

Dawson's Creek: Season 3: Disc 1 (1999).

My Baby's Daddy (2004) = 0.25/10. I have no idea what possessed me to put this on my list a few years ago. 0.25 only because cute babies do count for something.

My life is apparently very cyclical. Even down to the things I see on the back of vehicles. Last year on the same Sunday in August, the Harden clan drove 70 some odd miles to Stillwater just to eat lunch at Eskimo Joe's (see post here). I have no idea why, either. The year was no different. Loaded up in the car (not hoopty this time, but Buck, the LeSabre) and made the journey to EJ. Don't get me wrong, I like it. I just don't 70 miles @ $3.00/gallon like it.

Also around the same time last year and even in the same post, I snapped a pic of the back of a vehicle showcasing one family's desire to announce to the world that they are both Christian and like to make lots of babies. This year, no different:

Mind you, I haven't seen this gagging display in a year. The coincidence is either eerily odd or it's just the world trying to tell me that I need to stop looking at car bumpers so closely. And probably to be more social, too. The above example was taken in the parking lot of Logan's Roadhouse. I drove around to take the picture. I'm sure Meghan, who was in the car with me, thinks me a little more odd now.

And speaking of being in the parking lot of Logan's Roadhouse with Meghan...

I owed Meghan a dinner for hauling my tush to and fro the airport so I could vacation with my family in Chicago. During the dinner, there was a waiter (not OUR waiter, mind you) hitting on us. Mainly Meghan. And how exactly did Mr. Waiter appeal to the heart of Meghan? By chucking a peanut at her head. Brilliant.

Any man knows the way directly to a woman's heart is to hit her with an object. It's not only common sense. It's probably what the cavemen did.

Except that he didn't get her number. Make a note of that, men.

*I think it's even your iambic pentameter, Giselle.

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giselle said...

I knew the asterick was going to be for me before going to the bottom of the blog. Haha. :)

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