Monday, July 31, 2006

It's (a) Raining M(a/e)n

The Passion of the Christ (2004) = 3/10. I'm probably goin' straight to hell for not liking this movie, right? I'm sure I cannot add anything new here, but seeing as how I missed out on all of the talk/controversy surrounding this movie when it came out 2.5 years ago, why not delve into it. I haven't read the book from which most of the details were yanked (think again: it's NOT primarily the Bible), so I can't compare and contrast. Four things stuck me as noteworthy:

1) Having the movie in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin was really cool. It felt just like I was watching a foreign film.

2) I can only think of four good reasons this movie was produced:
  • To glorify Jesus/God (I don't think it fully did this)
  • To cause a controversy/publicity (DING!)
  • To cause people to discuss/make deicsions about religion in general (maybe)
  • To make money (ca-CHING!)
3) There have been a few people in my life that told me I must see this movie. These same people are against anything (extending further than just movies) with a rating of more than G. Which is fine, I guess. As you probably know from viewing my list of viewed movies (here and here), I have an unusually high tolerance for all kinds of material which would be considered offensive by most. I find it odd that while these people are so prudish in their lives, they were able to make it through this movie. Because I darn near barfed a couple of times.

4) When this movie came out, a co-worker of mine (I was a teacher at the time) went with a few very young family members to see the movie. When confronted in a meeting in regards to the appropriateness of the movie for the age of the family members, the co-worker replied "but it's what Jesus went through, so my kids and relatives can see it." Aside from getting an gigantic eye rolling from me, I'm not ok with that line of thinking.

North and South: Book I: Disc 3 (1985) = 8/10. Give me period pieces full of family honor, a psycho sister, big poofy dresses, and shy glances at a love and I'll fall in love with anything. It just so happens the story is great, too.

John Tucker Must Die (2006) = 7/10. Ahhh, opening night of a teen movie with the theater full of 16 year old girls. And my brothers. Overall, it was a perfect girl teen movie. I'm hoping I will eventually grow out of liking this genre of movie.

An Unfinished Life (2005) = 4/10. Once again, my opinion differs greatly from IMDB raters.

The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) = 6/10. Why can't I just like sports like everyone else?

I've been wholly uninspired for blog material the last week. No, not entirely true. I just can't blog about the exciting things that have happened around me because it regards one of my untouchable subjects. Work.

As I walked Shelby around my complex less than 45 minutes ago, I kept thinking "what am I gonna blog about?'s been a week....this has never happened..."

And then inspiration hit. It was definitely "from above" this time.

I saw a man standing on his third floor balcony, peeing on an air conditioner. That was running. A mighty fine aim he has. His mother must have given him many Cheerios during the formative potty training years. For the record, the resulting spray from about 20? feet up in the air results in about a 4 foot radius. Funny stuff.


giselle said...

Our neighbors suck.

Rachel said...

But provide endless entertainment!

Kelly said...

I was wondering what had happened to you. I haven't outgrown the teen movie thing yet. I want to see John Tucker Must Die also, of course it's mostly because of Jesse Metcalf!

Rachel said...

Will it speed your run to the theater if I told you that you get to see his butt in a thong?

Kelly said...

I'm there

Amanda Z said...

I'm pretty sure he is a homosexual.

I don't think you're going to hell for not liking a movie. Then again, I don't believe in hell... or an afterlife at all really... or the bible... or Jesus.

NOW who's going to HELL!?!?

Rachel said...

But of COURSE he has to be homosexual. Because when it comes to Hollywood stars, I ALWAYS seem to have crushes on men who eventually come out of the closet. Latest example is Lance Bass. When everyone else was fawning over Justin, I thought Lance was the man. My dead.

How word verification is zilgr. Close enough to your name to make it worthy of comment.

giselle said...

Who's name is zilgr? I don't get it.

You will never meet Lance Bass or Jesse Metcalf, so their sexual orientation really doesn't make a bit of difference since it won't be the one thing preventing you two from being together.