Monday, July 24, 2006

Year 1 in the Netflix

Little Manhattan (2005) = 7.5/10. Holy cow. That was so totally cute. And so totally the way I felt the first time I was "in love" as a kiddo. And "Stanford Blatch" was in it. Loved him in SATC.

Is Wal-Mart Good for America?: Frontline (2004) = 3/10. I forced my brothers to watch this thinking it would make clear to them some of the issues Dad and me discuss. But this was way over a 14 and 15-year-old's head. And it didn't even touch on the human rights impact Wal-Mart has on healthcare or the work conditions in China. But, perhaps that is because the overall issue was concerning the way they have changed some of the market from the push to the pull strategy.

One Last Thing...(2006) = 3/10. How I managed to get two Cynthia Nixon ine one weekend is beyond me. Anyway, just mindless almost entertainment.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) = 3.5/10. Sequels are just never as good as the original. I wish, however, that I could make it through one birth scene without crying. It doesn't matter if it's a movie, on the Discovery Health channel, or an animal, I always cry. No exception here. Ugh.

As of July 23rd, I have officially been a paying Netflix customer for a year.

My statistics:

*Movies rented through Netflix: 133

*Total cost for one year: $247.50 (holy crap!)

*Cost per movie: $1.8609

*If I rented each movies from Blockbuster the total cost would have been (Assuming the common $3.99/movie price here): $530.67

*Number of DVDs received broken during the year: 1 (and it's possible it actually cracked on the plane trip from Tulsa to Chicago.)

*Number of movies missing: ZERO. Although, I have reported a number of movies, probably close to 15, missing only to find that Netflix receives them within 2 days.

*I've oscillated between the 1 and 8 out plans throughout the year, but am commonly on the 3-out plan.

* Total number of movies on the official to-see movie list (including movies available to rent through the library & Netflix as well as movies not in theaters yet and movies that are in between theater and DVD): 106

* Last year, I set a goal of getting my list down to 15 movies that were available to rent. It's at 51. I'm great at making goals, but apparently not so much on the keeping my goals part. I'm still working on it.


giselle said...

Well new movies have come out, so you can't possibly know how many will be on your list. How many you expected to watch versus how many you watched would be better, I think. :)

LT said...

If Wal-Mart had the decency to just drop that stupid "Made in America" campaign/lie, they wouldn't have to perform such underhanded tactics as working with Congress to get places like the Northern Marianis Islands classified as part of the US in order to take advantage of their Draconian laws which include "slave wages" and "forced abortions" for workers (per SFgate, and others). Talk about hypocritical, bible-belt, right-wing, church-going, "family values" espousing dregs of humanity. BTW, recently disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff was also involved in this, but money-laundering and casino gambling is, of course, more important in the US.