Monday, August 21, 2006

The Shadow of a Lineman

Dawson's Creek: Season 3: Disc 4 (1999). I'm officially half way through the series. Honestly, I don't yet quite what all the fuss was about in high school. Translation: I'm probably too old to watch this.

Unfortunately (for some of you), there was absoulutely no drunken debauchery Friday night. Thus, nothing warranted a simple picture. Even my whore makeup. Oh well. It was a slightly uncomfortable night because the comedians were very rude (as I had highly anticipated) and one of the case managers for the mentor program seemed to be completely shocked. I figure 28 is old enough for one to know what comedians were all about but apparently this "truth" slipped right past her in her younger days. There were times when I wanted to laugh but had to force myself not to do so because the joke was either off-color (i.e., race relations) or said a dirty word. Holding laughter in is no fun. Furthermore, no one in our party of 8 had a drink. One girl wanted to order a chocolate martini, but the same shocked case manager said unfomfortable with it. So, the other girl didn't get her martini. Which is a little odd, but somewhat understandable, I suppose. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't pay to go to a water park and get upset when someone splashed me. The cool part of the night was that since it was a restaurant and not just a bar or comedy club, my three sodas only cost me $2.00 total. I was very much used to being charged a whopping $3.75 for one lousy Shirley Temple at The Improv.

That said, I might "need" a drink after tomorrow...

Aside from a 1.5 year hiatus, I've essentially worked for the same telephone company since August 2000. I was told 6 years ago that part of the initiation of working at the company was taking a ride in one of the company bucket trucks and shadowing a lineman for one day to see what the nitty gritty of the job is all about. Tuesday I shall get my chance. I've never been so excited about manual labor in my entire life. Mainly because all of the accoutning/bookkeeping work I do has left me with many questions about the technical aspect of things. Usually this comes up when I pay invoices. "Hmm...what's a BD3? Fiber? 3/22 cable? Rock teeth?" And it's not exaclty like my boss can explain it fully to me since I have no idea about the regular work the linemen do.

And you bet your tush I'll have a picture of a sweaty me up in that bucket truck if I get to go up!

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