Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Castrate me while you're at it!

There was a storm that put the bucket truck out of my reach. So no pictures. No initiation. Maybe in six more years. *sigh*

I did manage to make myself look really stupid, though.

Since I'm essentially a "city girl" and the workers at the phone office are pretty much all under the heading of "good 'ol boys," rural Oklahoma born and bred, I always feel like I am viewed as some hoity-toity "big city" gal. Sure, being a good 'ol boy means that they would never TELL me they thought I was a snob or whatever, but I try to hide my lack of country/rural knowledge. Didn't work out so well today.

I went with a lineman to a house that had four barking dogs and two or three horses. As we left the house, the customer told us that people tended to dump animals off by her house and she would take care of them. She said that many of the dumped animals were sick or injured. She said she acquired her gelding in this manner. I thoguht "Gelding? Perhaps I shall learn a new vocabulary word today! When the lineman and I got back in his truck, I immediately asked "So, uh, what's a gelding?" In all honesty, I was thinking it might be a breed of horse or something.

He nervously glanced over at me and said "Well, that'd be a cut horse."

Remembering the woman saying that many of the animals were sick or hurt, I then said "oh yeah, like it has a hurt foot or something?"

Without laughing because he's a good 'ol boy, the lineman looked at me and said "No, it's uhhh...like the opposite of a stud. It can't have babies."


In my defense, my friends Giselle and Meghan also didn't know this word. They're also city girls.

I was most certainly the cause of great laughter in the office this afternoon. So much for shaking my city girl image.


Amanda Z said...

If it is between knowing what a gelding is and escaping redneck-dom, I'll be the "ignorant" city girl any day.

Rachel said...

I never thought about it quite like that, but I certainly do agree!

giselle said...

I'm with Amanda on this one too. I'm a city girl and I'm proud.