Saturday, August 26, 2006

You are what you wear?

Accepted (2006) = 4/10. For being a teenage comedy, it was fine. But I really didn't buy many main points of the storyline, but I'm sure my brothers didn't notice the gaping holes. All that matters is that they enjoyed it. Giselle didn't buy the story, but she gave it a 7/10. Oh yeah, add the name Bartleby to my ever growing list of "names my child will not have."

Dawson's Creek: Season 4: Disc 1 (2000). Talk of an abortion, drugs, raves, trips to the doctor to get birth control. All right, it's finally getting interesting.

Yours, Mine and Ours (2005) = 2/10. Suck doesn't accurately describe this movie. Knock-off of in the wake of Cheaper by the Dozen does, though.

While on vacation in June, most of the pictures were taken with my parents' camera. Yes, I have my own camera and I took a few pictures on the vacation, but why complicate matters by having pictures on two cameras? I finally forced brother Geoffrey to transfer all of the pictures to my computer. Now I can finally tell some of the amusing stories from Chicago. Except that it's TWO MONTHS later. Somehow, it won't have the same appeal.

My family's total vacation was about 3.5 weeks long, while my time with them in just the city of Chicago (they went many other places) was 8 days. As such, I am clueless regarding the location/story behind most of the photos.

As I was browsing through the photos, I came across this one:

...and immediately laughed. I have no idea where it's taken. Although the lighthouse int eh background makes me think it's close to water. See there what a college education gets ya! Regardless, it made me laugh because not only do their shirts express the emotion on their faces but also because the shirts express their general attitude about life.

Take a closer look at the picture in another window in case you don't already see the obvious:

Joshua (left) is generally wound up and more expressive/hyper than Geoff. Geoff is quite the "take life as it happens"/low-key guy.

I wonder if they wore these shirts based on their attitudes that day. More likely, it was what was on top of the clothes pile.


Anonymous said...

dearest daughter,

said lighthouse is named "split rock light house". it is a tad north of duluth, minnesota. the temperature
was profoundly nice, meaning it would have seemed cold to you.

awful pretty place..wish you had been there with us....daddy

Amanda Z said...

I actually really enjoyed Accepted a lot more than I expected.
I could have done with a few fewer lame sex puns from the strippers (not because I am particularly prudish-- more because they just weren't funny) and you are totally right in saying that a lot of the plot made no sense.

But all in all, I laughed a lot and that's all that mattered to me.