Saturday, September 23, 2006

Boring Me

Friends with Money (2006) = 5.5/10. I barely liked this movie. There wasn't really a plot but it was more of a glimpse into the crappy lives of four friends.

I'm becoming an even more lame/boring person. Today's evidence:

*I willingly woke up at 7:30 this morning so that I could walk my dog for 1.5 hours.

*I went to the grocery store today and the only "fun"/bad thing in my basket was a package of peanut butter snack crackers that I bought only because Doug's sister-in-law wanted some for the planned outing to the zoo tomorrow.

*Doug and I spend our entire time together (aside from making a dinner experiment and making a run to Toys "R" Us) today playing the board games Scattergories, mental_floss (really we just red the trivia cards to each other), and Scrabble. All this courtesy of Giselle.

I think I might be running a few decades ahead of my time.

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