Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Just Can't Have Nice Things (6)

House, M.D. Season 1: Disc 3 (2004). I have no idea why it took me 9 months to watch the last episode of this season.

RV (2006) = 3/10. Despite having great comedic actors, this movie was completely unfunny.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
~English? proverb

Remember back in February how I complained about my Rampage handbag? Ya know, the one that basically fell apart on me in the grocery store and the one that I ended up getting my money refunded back to me even though I had already owned the product for 5 months? (See post here.)


Temptation got the best of me. I purhcased two more Rampage handbags over the Labor Day weekend. Less than a month ago. They had an extra 25% off sale and I thought this bag was super cute. (Turns out it's actually super huge, but I wasn't paying attention to the dimensions when I made the purchase.) And honestly, I assumed the odds of me getting another shoddy handbag and/or Rampage actually having crappy craftsmanship were very low. I chose to believe it was simply a craftman/machine fluke and once again luck wasn't going my way.

But instead:

It gets returned tomorrow.

And no, I still haven't probably learned my lesson.


giselle said...

Stop buying their bags! :) Perhaps you're just really rough with them?

Rachel said...

I would blame it on me except for the fact that in the decade of purse-carrying I've done, these are the only two that have fallen apart.

ET said...

One word Rachel: COACH.

Rachel said...


Amanda Z said...

Well, take heart in knowing that I'VE learned your lesson and will never buy a bag from them.

I love House, I'm watching season one on DVD now, too. Or, actually, have been for the last month or so. I'm on Disc 2.