Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bread Etiquette

Dawson's Creek: Season 4: Sisc 3 (2000). Sweetest thing EVER when Dawson gave Joey the will money for college.

Tuesday I went with Doug for a band directors meeting at an Italian restaurant in downtown Tulsa. I can't really speak for Doug, but I know I'm not exactly the world's most prim and proper person. I do not know particular etiquette for every situation. And even if I did, I might not use it because I just don't care sometimes.

Having said that, it really grosses us out when you are eating at a table with a party of nearly 15 and you:

*Cut the communal bread such that you touch the part of bread the next person will eat. When I cut the communal bread, I put my hand on the heel and then ate the heel. We know exactly where your hands have been and frankly, we don't wanna be touchin' that.

*Cut the communal bread on the tablecloth and then proceed to put the bread back on the cutting board for the rest of us. Those tablecloths are probably not all that clean.

*Lick the yummy garlic butter off of the knife and then stick it back into the butter for seconds. I forgot to metion this one to Doug, but I can assume he also believes it to be in poor taste.

For the record, it was the same person on all three accounts.

My etiquette sin for the night involved garlic butter spilled on my boobs. It was probably there for 5 minutes before I noticed it. I totally got the "food doesn't make it to the mouth at least once every meal" gene from my mother's side.


giselle said...

I have that gene. I'm not sure what the bread ettiquette is and if touching the bread is wrong, but I am almost positive you are NOT supposed to lick the knife and put it in the butter tub. Ew.

Amanda Z said...

Had a lunch meeting last week with some women who obviously don't get out much.
I feel your pain.

Rachel said...

Not really pain as much as pure disgust.