Tuesday, September 12, 2006

While You Were Out

Two weeks ago I wrote down an address and phone number at work on scratch paper that looks like this:

In fact, that's the actual paper I used. Look closely and you can even see the number. Anyway, I brought the paper to my apartment where it promptly fell on my floor, phone number side down. Never to be moved again. It's somewhat important to note that the paper measures a mere 4" x 5".

On Labor Day, my family came to my apartment for dinner. At some point during the evening a particular brother walked past the paper on the floor, looked intently at it, cocking his head side to side and after about 7 seconds of starting at the paper said,

"Oh wow! Is that an application to the TV show?"


Kelly said...

what did i miss? why am i not getting this?

Rachel said...

My brother looked at a little scratch pad of paper on the floor from afar MEANT to take phone messages and mistook it at first glance for an application to be one of the selected people on the TV show that comes on TLC called "While You Were Out." They like renovate part of a house while the owner is away on vacation/business/etc. (I haven't really watched this show too many times, so the details are slightly sketchy.)

And it's so obviously NOT an application for a TV show. It tiny and it PINK, not an offical logo, etc. Furhtermore, I live in an apartment. No one could really renovate my apartment too much. Aside from giving my furniture class and taste.

giselle said...

I got it.