Saturday, September 09, 2006

Geoff Rocks the Snare

Do you know how many high school football games I actually attended while IN high school? I'm thinking it was something like one complete game because my friends (mainly Maggie) dragged me to one during senior year. I also think I might have stayed at one or two games until half time only because I sang the national anthem. I was, and still am, fairly anti-sports. Participating is fine, but watching is pure hell.

The comes the brothers. Who joined band in 6th grade. And have that darn perseverance and commitment thing. And now, Geoff is a freshman and is required to be at all of the football games. My plan was to go to one football game each year in support of the brother(s).

And then comes Mommy:

"Rachel! Geoff has to be with the band the whole time, Josh wants to be with his friends, and Dad is off talking with teachers. That leaves me sitting up there by myself all lonely. What will it take to get you to come to every home game? Chinese food, will that do it?"

Chinese food and a billion dollars would be closer, but I do love my mommy. The thought of her sitting alone at a high school football game close to the mandatory child screaming/obscenity-yelling adult/unbathed person who smells and wants to talk in your face is completely unbearable.

I think what I dislike most about going to the games is the fact that, at some point, I'm bound to run into someone from the high school world I do not want to see. Last night's encounter was tolerable and hinged on something I enjoyed, though. It was my middle school boyfriend's parents. Conversation at 14 was slow and awkward. No different more than a decade later.

The obligatory picture of Geoff performing:

Every picture I took of him contained two elements: opened mouth & closed eyes. It might take him one fall and two swallowed bugs, but he'll learn.

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