Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Because Nothing Says Cow Like a Diamond

When I am with my brothers in a car at night, we love to point out signage that says something funny when some of the lights burn out. For instance, we once saw a lit "Staples" sign with the P burned out. Thus, "Staples" then became "Stales." Out of which many a joke can be made.
Saturday evening Doug and I are took a brief stroll around the parking lot of Woodland Hills Mall so that my eyes would return to a less bloodshot state before setting foot into the very fine dining restaurant known as Denny's. Which we both love. Shut up.

While on the walk, we passed by a local jewelry store, Moody's. Except the D, Y, and S lights weren't lit. And then,

Rachel: Look, instead of saying Moody's it just says MOO.

Doug: Heh, that's pretty funny.

Rachel: But is it....CAMERA funny?

Doug: (giving a sidelong glance) Maaaaybe.

Rachel: (reaching into purse to pull out camera): All right, a picture it is!

Doug: You...have a your purse?

Rachel: Uh-huh. Why? Is that weird?

Doug: Not weird. It's just...not the most likely place for a camera.

Rachel: Yeah, but you just never know where you'll see funny. Or who you'll see.

Doug: I guess.


* I keep telling Doug he needs to go through my personal belongings more often. Then he'd know that I usually keep my camera in my purse. Besides, I have nothing to hide from him. Well, except for that Cat O' Nine Tails but it's totally locked away where no one will find it. Just kiddin'

* I was in Girl Sprouts for a while and they always told me to "Be Prepared." And seriously, how better prepared than with a camera could I be should Jennifer Weiner or Reese Witherspoon come prancing by my office one day?

The fact that the sign now spells MOO isn't too particularly amusing. The fact that the sign now spells MOO and it is directly behind a plus-size store called Catherine's is amusing.

One ticket, please.


giselle said...

I knew you had a camara in your purse all the time. Speaking of which, I haven't seen your two new purses yet. Will have to see them tomorrow.

Rachel said...

One of the handbags is ALREADY breaking and I've had it like 2 weeks??? Stupid me.