Monday, September 04, 2006

Tales from Chicago III (1/20th on my way to death)

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006) = 1/10. Had I consulted IMDB before renting this movie from Blockbuster, I would have changed my mind seeing as how it's in the Top 100 BOTTOM movies. But I didn't. A 15 year old might like this movie, though. It's full of fart and poop jokes.

Dawson's Creek: Season 4: Disc 2 (2000).

July 2005: Fark links to a GQ article entitled The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die. Rachel reads and is intrigued. A list + food = something I love.

(The rest of this post is a continuation of the day from this post.)

June 27, 2006, 14:55: The Harden brood just completed a 1.2 mile run on the Magnificent Mile in a fruitful attempt to join the 15:00 Historic Skyscrapers tour. The eldest Harden child, moi, purchased tickets sweating. VISUALLY dripping sweat down my brow. Luckily, brother Joshua happened to have a rubber band on his wrist (Is this some teen trend?). Up into a tacky makeshift bun goes my head mop. No more than 30 minutes into the 2 hour WALKING tour did it start pouring rain:

Yup, that's the same storm. Why, oh why, is my daddy taking pictures of the rain? Or the entrance to a subway? Whatever.

Once the tour was over, it was most definitely time for food. #18 on The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die list is Poag Mahone's. And I must say, it's most certainly the best burger I've eaten in my entire life. When it's cooked medium. Cooked well done the burger quality turns into something one of the worst burgers. Regardless, after running a mile and walking around in the rain for an hour, this is all of the cute I could gather:

I'm totally prepared to knock down a couple more burgers on that list! Road trip to Keller's in Dallas anyone?


giselle said...

I wanna have some top 20 burgers too!!

BKDotCom said...

mmm burgers
call me lame, but it's hard to beat the Peppercorn burger at Chili's.
Had some sort of hickory burger at Ruby-Tuesday's over the weekend that was quite tasty as well.

Rachel said...

But are you up for a ROAD trip to get a top 20 burger, G?

Where was the Ruby Tuesday's, BK? I recently discovered that Chili's bleu cheese burger is yummy, too. But Doug hates the place so I don't go to Chili's ever.

giselle said...

Road trip sounds fun.

I like Chili's ok, so I'll go with you if you want. Although Red Robyn has way awesomenest burgers.

giselle said...

You know, the best burger I ever ate was in Ohio at some little restaurant in the German Village in Columbus. It was so yummy. I could tell it clogged an artery or two, but man was it good.