Friday, November 10, 2006

My Political Compass

The Break-Up (2006) = 4/10. I didn't particularly hate this movie, but I really wnated to punch Vince Vaughn the entire time for being such a jerk. Maybe it's because I've been in a few bad relstionships before. *spoiler alert* I thought I read somewhere that they reshot the ending and made them get back together. But that wasn't on the ending on the DVD nor the alternative ending on the special features. And I'm thankful because it would have just made me mad if she ended up crawling back to him.

Dawson's Creek: Season 5: Disc 4 (2001). Almost done with the series. Almost done.

North & South: Book II: Disc 3 (1986) = 7.5/10. Not as good as Book I, but hoop skirts will always have a special place in my heart.

North & South: Book II: Disc 2 (1986). I actually finished this sometime inthe last month but forgot to put it on here.

In the event you are curious where I stand politically, here's my chart. Some of you will be surprised because I live my life quite differently than the stereotypical left-leaning, libertarian-leaning Oklahoman.

Tonight, I will be attending a concert for depressed people with the brothers. Hopefully, some pictures will follow.


Kelly said...

My opinion of The Break Up was opposite. I hated her by the end.

giselle said...

How do you live your life differently than where you fell? Email me. :)

I hope you enjoy Blue Man. Will Tobias be there?

bkdotcom said...

My Compass Thingy

Rachel said...

I think conservative people (read: most people I come into contact with here in OK) just assume that because I go to church, am a genuinely nice person, volunteer, am conservative with my money (which may or may not align with political beliefs) etc, that I must be a very conservative person. Until they start talking to me.

BK,'re REALLY close to me. I thought you'd be slightly more left and slightly more north. :)

giselle said...

Rachel, I disagree with what you just said. I won't elaborate here b/c I too live in OK, but I will email you.