Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Umm, thanks? (6)

American Dreamz (2006) = 5.5/10. Quite an amusing satire at times, but overall a little boring.

Prelude: tonight my daddy called me with my very first "hey, mom thinks she saw one of your classmates on the news. Yeah, this girl was arrested for making Fake IDs." Oy! Firsts aren't always a good thing.*

A few months ago, I took the advice of a friend and went to a relatively new nail salon to get a pedicure. It was ten times cleaner than the other salon I usually go to and the nail tech was being super attentive and gentle during the part where they take the nippers and whack off part of your nails on the side. My butt clenched a lot less during this part which can sometimes hurt if done incorrectly.

Anyway...about 75% into the pedicure I start thinking that I will permanently switch my business to this place. Then comes the foot/leg massage part. Nail tech starts rubbin' my feet/legs and about 3 minutes into it she said "Oh, do you exercise lots?"

Me: Well, I don't know if I exercise a "lot" [in my mind, exercising a "lot" means training for a marathon or something], but I do cardio 3-5 times a week and at least 30 minutes each session. Usually longer.

Nail tech: Oh, cuz you have BIIIIIIIIG legs.

Good, relaxed feelings gone. Bad body image feelings sinking in.

Later that evening, Doug said of the incident with a moderate scoff, "I'm sure she meant your have big leg muscles, Rachel."

Regardless, someone needs to fill non-English speakers in on the finer points of synonyms. Especially concerning something that made me feel like a cow.

I actually do have muscly legs, though.

*Story here if you seriously care that much.


Kelly said...

I ended up fastforwarding through most of American Dreams.

giselle said...

Rachel! Of course she meant you have leg muscles. Your legs are not 'big'. And you don't only do cardio, but you do muscle growing push however many times a week too.