Monday, December 25, 2006


Everyone knows and loves that holiday song by Jose Feliciano, right? Not everyone.

Two years ago, I was in charge of buying mood-setting music for a Christmas party. Since the party was fiesta-themed (e.g., piƱata, catered by On the Border, cacti centerpieces), music was to be appropriate for the occasion.

Before I purchased the music CD, however, one important person told me a very specific guideline for the music:

"Hey, whatever CD you get, make sure it has that Feliz La-Dee-Dah song on it."

After the CD arrived, we popped it in. Jose's beloved Christmas song lyrics remained the same for said person.

So, Feliz La-Dee-Dah, y'all!

I'll never be able to litsen to that song in quite the same way ever again.


LT said...

Sorry, but I hate, hate, hate that song. ET loves it, of course. So I get her back by singing "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time." Heard the great news. Congratulations!

Rachel said...

It's not so much that I LOVE the song, it's just that now any good feelings I had toward it are gone because I can't stop thinking of the wrong words.

And thank you! I'm super excited and a little nervous with all of the planning ahead of me. And the losing weight bit....oy!