Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chocolate Research

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 4: Disc 1 (2005). Unlike Dawson's Creek, I still very much enjoy this show! It's sad that no one seems to know about it.

Dawson's Creek: Season 6: Disc 2 (2002). Nothing to see here.

I'm busy, busy, busy, busy!

I have decided that all this wedding planning can be fun. And head-spinning. Here I am today performing hard-core research:

01-06-2007 Wedding Decisions Bridal Show A


01-06-2007 Wedding Decisions Bridal Show B

Ultimately, I think that although the concept of a chocolate fountain is cool, it lacks a LOT to be desired in the final product execution. It was super messy and only nominally delicious. I did, however, have a strong desire to stick my tongue under the running chocolate stream. Meghan's (my unofficial wedding planning) bribe of $5 was not sufficient good enough. This time.

I (Daddy) bought a dress tonight. They make you ring a stupid bell and the salesperson (who's paid partly on commission) yells "wooooo woooo" and then everyone around claps. The experience that leaves many brides crying with elation just made me want to hide behind the veil. I'm seriously just not that kind of bride. It's a dress. A DRESS! Nothing to "woooo woooo" over. Sticking my tongue under a stream of chocolate in public, however, would definitely deserve all manner of pomp.


Amanda Z said...

If that was the show @ the Rennaisaince (very wrong spelling) Hotel, I was so there, too! Did you get to try the Ludger's cream cheese cake? I am so having that at my wedding, yo.
Also, Al's Formal Wear was having a REALLY GOOD DEAL on tuxedos if you put down like $10 today. And you got a free teddy bear. Hope you checked that out!

Rachel said...

Nope, I went to the free Wedding Decisions show at the Marriott Southern Hills (71st & Lewis) because I had a majority of the big things planned already. I did find my photographer at the show, though.

Anonymous said...

wooo wooo!

giselle said...

I'm not a fan of chocolate fountains. I love melted chocolate, but chocolate fountains taste more like cold Hershey's syrup. It's not even warm. And uh I'm sure people stick their fingers in it and then it gets recycled through. Ew.

Glad you found a photographer. :)

Amanda Z said...

P.S. I so did not get to ring any bell or receive any pomp when I bought my dress. Those bitches.

I think I am anti-chocolate-fountain, too. They're too trendy for me. And expensive.