Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Invitation to Sleep?

It is done:

03-13-2007 Invitations DONE

Finally! I don't want to see any type of ribbon for at least six months and wax seals for a few years.

I am really sorry if I misspelled your name. By the time I was on a particular guest named Ziegler, I barely cared how these went together. Oddly enough, my hand didn't cramp at all. I'm also very sorry if you happened to get one of the RSVP envelopes without a stamp on it. I think my two part-time envelope stuffers, Doug and Giselle, might have accidentally stuck those in somewhere. I'm learning more toward Doug on that one. I had only intended those to go to the people who lived in my apartment complex and co-workers. Oops!


Tiffany S said...

I hated doing my invitations too...only I didn't have any help, and we sent out about 300. About half of those were people my mom just felt had to be invited, I didn't know any of them, and of course, she wouldn't help! DOH!

Amanda Z said...

a) Looking forward to seeing how my Ziegler invitation came together, haha.
b) Your bridesmaid's dress is the same style I wore for Erica's wedding, 'cept hers was in Apple. It's a very pretty dress.
Here's the one I picked: http://davidsbridal.com/bridesmaids_bycolor_detail.jsp?stid=1552&sid=12410&cfid=19

I also had a dream last night that it was my wedding day and I hadn't remembered to send out invitations. So at least you are spared that.

Rachel said...

Well, Giselle and Doug and brother Joshua in reality only barely helped me in the scheme of the whole ordeal. Don't get me wrong, they probably saved me a total of 7 hours, but the whole process was still long even with their help. I'm pretty sure if I was in your situation I would have said, "Sure we can invite these people, but YOU will be helping me with the invitations." Why didn't she help?

Rachel said...

Actually your Ziegler invitation wasn't dead last to be done. You have a particular sister (or two) whose first name follows yours in ABC order. :)

It's funny that that's the exact dress. They look really good in it.

I haven't had any wedding nightmares yet. Oh yeah, that's because I'm having some serious insomnia issues. Ugh!

giselle said...

I have Advil PM. Let me know.

Oh and I know for sure I didn't use the non-stamped return envelopes - so it was definitely Doug. :P


Amanda Z said...

I got my invite! I so need to borrow your was sealing equipment... being that we are both marrying R's.

I don't know though, I might be too lazy for all that work (though I would have much fewer invitations than you to seal).