Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wax Seals

I have been in invitation hell since Friday. I'm STILL not finished with all of them. I have learned valuable lessons, though:

-Weigh the invitation and enclosures before ordering stamps just in case it requires more postage. In my case, it did.

-There isn't an invitation fairy who will come to put the wrap and ribbon on the invitation. Plan accordingly.

- Wax seals are pretty. Pretty time consuming. Check out how I made it slightly easier here.

-I thoroughly enjoyed watching Doug's attempts at putting together the invitation while I addressed envelopes. "No, honey, it's invitation, protection paper, reception, RSVP tucked under RSVP envelop facing backwards, THEN on invitation UNDER the wrap. Tie bow on." Most amusing to watch was the bow tying. My MOH, Giselle, wasn't nearly as amusing because she intuitively understood the invitation order and didn't seem to fuss as much about the bows as she knew it was going to be crammed into an envelope anyway. Good MOHs are like that!

This picture is the most rewarding thing I've seen in a while:


Almost done. That's approximately 100 invitations. 20 more to go...

1 comment:

giselle said...

The wax seals are totally worth the extra effort. :)

I love the picture of my dress (well Gretchen's but whatever, should be the same)!!!

I think the color was a good choice.

I'm excited to find shoes. I love shoe shopping!!