Saturday, April 14, 2007

ACT Rivalry

About a month ago, brother Geoffrey briefly decided to apply to a math & science summer college program. He has since decided he had no chance of getting in due to the fact that he is a white middle-class male. Before he decided not to apply, though, he asked my help with the application process. One of the questions asked was "Why do you want to attend our program?" Written down on his scratch paper, he said "to get my ACT composite score to a 32."

And then...

Me: Well, don't freak out if you can't get quite that high because that's totally (friend from high school) Maggie-genius level. And it's REALLY hard for a lot of people to do that well.

Geoff: I know, but it's my goal.

Me: Ok, cool. So, what is the lowest score you could make and still be happy with?

Geoff: [pauses for a moment] What did you make on it?

Let the sibling rivalry begin. And begin today. Geoff is, as I'm typing, taking the ACT for the first time. He's a freshman. Good luck!

In other news:

*My office gave me a surprise shower yesterday. And it was a complete surprise! Here's my surprise look:

Surprise Bridal Shower! 1

Somehow, they managed to get food from On the Border, a cake, and a present all set up in the kitchen without my knowledge.

*We now have wedding bands:

04-13-2007 Wedding Set B

I went in Tuesday totally thinking I was going to get just a plain band. That's what I had already picked out. Instead, Doug forced me to get more bling. :) I love it!

*I have my third and final shower today at church for church people, school people, and Doug's family. It's a co-ed shower. This should be fun!


aziegler said...

I had a dream that it was my wedding day and I'd forgotten to get us wedding rings.
This is not the same as the dream I had a few weeks ago in which it was my wedding day and I'd forgotten to send out invitations or make a hair appointment. I'm such a psycho.

Rachel said...

So far my only nightmare was that for some reason the florist forgot about our wedding or died or something and the preacher wouldn't marry us without flowers.