Friday, April 13, 2007

A Breakdown Moment

Dawson's Creek: Season 6: Disc 4 (2002). I'm finally done with this series!!! It only took 1.5 years. Overall, I give the series a 4/10.

Running with Scissors (2006) = 3.5/10. Read the book. Skip the movie.

TMNT (2007) = 0/10. I went with my mentee and her two siblings plus another mentor and our case manager to see this a few weeks ago. At least it was free. I was SO bored!

My friend Meghan, whom I've known since second grade, came over last night to give me the veil she made. That included putting a satin edging on it as well as Swarovski crystals. It's super pretty! We tried on my whole wedding ensemble minus the shoes I will wear and makeup. And then we cried. I basically turned into one of those brides that I loathe-the ones I saw at wedding shopes. She stands on the pedestal with a dress and veil on and then usually a couple of friends and her mother and they all in unison say, "you're (clear nose, tears welling up in the eyes) getting married." And then they all sob together. That was us last night.

I've made the decision that no matter what goes wrong during the day, I can't care too much because I look awesome.


Maggie said...

Picture? I won't show Doug.

aziegler said...

No, she can't show till then-- it's all about the BIG GRAND ENTRANCE!!!

So everybody goes "Ohhhhh" when you walk down the aisle :)

Something about the veil really does it, I think. I bought my headpiece (not technically a tiara) at Accessory City yesterday!