Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ripping hair- check!

One more thing can now be marked off of my "things to do before I die" list- bikini wax. I actually killed two birds this evening as the bikini wax is most definitely the thing I was the most nervous about in regards to wedding planning. That's right. I was more nervous about getting waxed than tripping on my dress walking down the aisle or some other such Rachelism.

Honestly, it was only about a quarter of the pain I had envisioned. There wasn't any awkwardness. Over in 15 minutes and that includes witch hazel & lotion application). $35. I could definitely do it again.

As the receptionist was explaining to me the intricate details of how to change into my spa clothes (towel wrap, robe, and flip flops), she asked if it was my first time. I said "yes, and I'm very nervous." She offered a glass of wine. She then told me that many people will sip "a couple" glasses of wine before they go in and get waxed. I respectfully declined-I don't drink, but the thought of some woman in her mid-30s sitting in the lobby downing what I suspect is boxed wine while worrying about revealing her delicate flower to a stranger amuses me far too much. Plus, it's not THAT nervewracking.

Exactly one more month left.


Brad said...

Color me stupid, but what does this have to do with wedding planning?

Maggie said...

you should've waited a few more weeks to be fresh for the honeymoon! now you have to go back.

i always take the wine. i don't think it's about inhibitions. i also take three advils! they both dull the pain a little. so combined, the process is almost fun. i said almost!

Rachel said...

It has to do with wedding planning because I would have NEVER went in if not for my own wedding. I had always told myself that it's something I wanted to do for my wedding. Mainly just to see what it was like.


I did it this early so that when I go in for the full Brazilian next month, it'll be a little less painful (i.e., at least I'll know what to expect) and I wasn't sure I could handle the whole thing the first time. So see, I did think this one through.