Friday, November 02, 2007

Movin' Right Along

Night at the Museum (2006) = 6.5/10. I thought it was pretty awesome for a kiddo movie. And they might actually be more interested in learning about history or going to a museum.

Georgia Rule (2007) = 4.5/10. Not at all what I thought it was about. But turned out to be pretty ok.

In case you were wondering, I actually do have the ability to make a major decision in 6 days. It helps that Doug is much more of a spontaneous person that me. Case in point- a new place to live.

Last Friday I came home and there was a letter on my apartment door stating that my new lease terms needed to be figured out by Halloween and oh, by the way, we're raising your rent $50. Last year when my rent was raised $25, I seriously considered relocating before realizing the cost of a security deposit and pet deposit would be more than the increase in rent. This year, it's a different story. Doug hates this complex. We had LIVE MAGGOTS falling out of the bathroom vent last summer and dead ones the summer before that (though I didn't know what they were at the time). During the evenings in the crushing heat of summer, the apartment doesn't get below 78-80 degrees because of the west facing windows. And ya know, that whole incident two years ago where there was a sex offender living right across from me.

It's all just not worth it. Especially when, for the price they're asking, we could be living in a super nice apartment.

Although I really hate the moving process, I've decided to embrace the positive aspects of this semi-forced ordeal:

*It's in a totally new part of town for me. As such, I intend to explore. Mainly food.
*I get to streamline my belongings. I tried to do this before Doug moved in, but found myself keeping many things I shouldn't.
*In addition to a 13% decrease in rent, we'll also save money due to the fact that Doug will no longer be driving to work via the turnpike. $1.20/day adds up to one more dinner out over a month.
*It's 1.7 miles closer for me to drive to work.
*It's really going to be the last move before a house. I swear!

Completely unrelated:

I sat at my work computer yesterday thinking about how my mother would completely freak out if she knew I'm regularly eating 3-5 fruit servings per day during the work week.

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Amanda Z said...

That's exactly we bought the house last year... Our lease was up at the end of October and they were raising the rent by a bunch.

So, where are you moving?