Monday, December 03, 2007

Pit Bandits

Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion (2007) = 7/10. Very interesting and scary look at the pro-life movement. And I know I'm pretty literal and have a hard time interpreting things, but it wasn't at all clear to me if the filmmakers made this to show how crazy pro-lifers can be or if they are with the pro-life movement themselves. interesting. It would be interesting if someone did a follow-up film with these same pro-lifers and find out what other kind of welfare work they do with those that are already born. I'm curious if any of them are foster or adoptive parents. Unfortunately, I think I might already know the answer.

Christmas in the Clouds (2001) = 6.5/10. Pretty good romance and mistaken identity movie. A little on the slow side at times.

The Office: Season 3: Disc 4 (2006). Yay. Doug got addicted and now we own season 1 & 2.

The Office: Season 3: Disc 3 (2006).

I felt so rejected this Thanksgiving. My same-sex relative didn't feel my boobs this year. I guess that's what happens when you get married. So sad.

It's funny how sometimes people (myself included) leap to ridiculous conclusions rather than own up to the fact that they don't remember something or are flat out wrong. While getting ready for work one day last week:

Doug: Hey, did you use my deodorant?

Rachel: [reminded of the unpleasantness of every man's deodorant container- product caked onto the side of the container, easily two days' worth, and those one or two hairs on the product itself. I shutter. ] Uhh....noooo....

Doug: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yeah, I'm very sure. See, you put your deodorant in your drawer and I put mine in the medicine cabinet.

Doug: Did you maybe use it for a workout or something? Because I know I wasn't down to the end of it the last time I used it.

Rachel: I am sure I didn't use it. I would have had to reach for another place AND it smells totally different than mine. Didn't use it at all.

Doug: Really?

Rachel: Yes, really. Promise.

Doug: Then...then someone came in here and used my deodorant.

Rachel: What?

Doug: Someone had to come in here and use it because it wasn't like this last time.

Rachel: Wait, wait [slight chuckle under my breath], you honestly think someone walked into the apartment, didn't steal all of the stuff they could sell on eBay, and went straight for your deodorant, not mine, put some on and left?

Doug: [realizing how silly the idea sounds] Yeeeessssss.

Rachel: Man, that is some kind of kink, huh?

The "weekend of doom" is upon us. We move this weekend.

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