Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's been a while, but I have little to say

Closing Escrow (2007) = 2.5/10. SOOO boring. Poor Doug. Every time I chose a movie for us to watch together, it ends up being a dud. Pretty soon I might not choose any of the movies we see together.

Hairspray (2007) = 7/10. I like musicals.

3:10 to Yuma (2007) = 7/10. Not too shabby for a boy movie.

September Dawn (2006) = 8/10. I've been to the Mountain Meadows Massacre site. Twice, I think. Visiting the site and hearing of what transpired there many years ago is my first memory of distrust with an organized religion.

The Brothers Solomon (2007) = 1/10. REALLY stupid. Not in a good way.

The O.C.: Season 1: Disc 1 (2003). Ahh, the beginning of another series I want to see but cannot possibly watch after the age of 30.

Shrek the Third (2007) = 7.5/10. Nearly as good as the first two.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007) = 3/10. Just not that funny, but Jessica Biel in a bikini is almost worth it.

Sicko (2007) = 8/10. The movie was great, but have to admit that I'm most upset about the fact that pretty much all other countries except the one I actually live in get tons more vacation time. And it's mostly mandatory. One thing I didn't like was the fact that he never mentioned anything about potential waiting times for a procedure/surgery after a diagnosis has been made.


*Chicago was super fun, mostly business, but...I definitely do not fit in with professional musicians. I didn't get the jokes during the clinics. Not really interesting pics are here.

*We're already scheming for a spring break trip, probably to New Orleans.

*I'm going to be an aunt again! No, not my brothers. I love babies!

*My cousin is also going to be a mommy again. With twins! It seems like a lot of people I know are having twins.

*The new apartment is way more spartan than the old Memorial Creek. Not a dump, just more basic. But it's $125 cheaper a month. So, anytime something crappy happens, namely being able to hear EVERY footstep of the tenants above due to wooden floors, I just think "1500 extra dollars going toward a house, $125 extra a month." We're going to start looking at houses this spring just to get an idea.

*My resolutions this year:
  • Watch more movies. I just didn't have time last year.
  • Fix all the ID3 tags on my iPod. (This one probably won't happen because I have like 4000 to go through.)
  • Rip all of my CDs to computer. Get rid of CDs. Such a liberated feeling with the ones I have already ripped. This will be done before fixing all of the tags of songs already on my iPod.
  • Work up to eating more than 2 servings of fruit per day. Mommy would probably fall over if she knew I was already eating even 1-2 per day now. I was HIGHLY resistant to eating fruits as a child. It had to be a texture thing.
  • Blog more. I just don't seem to have the time anymore with a husband that enjoys communicating and spending time with me, more work at work, and going to the gym 5 times a week.

*I'm very anti-video games. But Rock Band is so much fun! Not the guitar part.

*As part of diagnosing me, my doctor has put me on Ambien for the next two weeks. I've tried it for the last three nights and not only do I NOT sleep through the night, I also did not try to drive, cook, call someone, or have sex during my sleep like some people do on the medication. Boring.

*I got a flat iron for Christmas and I love it!

*It is very hard to get your jog on at a gym whilst in between two dudes training for a marathon.

*Shelby turned 4 yesterday. I can't believe I had her for that long.

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