Friday, February 22, 2008

A Sister's Pride

The O.C.: Season 1: Disc 6 (2003).

The O.C.: Season 1: Disc 5 (2003).

The brothers have made me a proud sister the past week.

Geoffrey, still just a sophomore, managed to raise his overall ACT score by 5 points. Which is super awesome...well, as long as it stays lower than what mine was.

Last weekend, Joshua played in an honor band. I didn't really get how hard this particular honor band, All-District NBDA was to make for schools Glenpool that don't have specialized band classes. ALL of the schools in the northeast region of Oklahoma had the opportunity to try out. That includes the Jenks snobs and the Union brats. And apparently the Bartlesville band is really well-funded. And what did Josh get? 1st Chair Flute. That's what. Josh was also the only Glenpool student in this particular band.

Can you spot his red hair?:

02-16-2008 Northeast Honor Band C

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