Monday, September 01, 2008

The Homebuying Saga, Part V

(Oops, I thought I posted this MUCH earlier than now.)

Friday, August 8, 16:40:

Me [answering my cell from a deep sleep, completely stoned out of my mind on Vicodin from an ear infection] : Heeellllo, Sheila.

Sheila [co-worker]: Hey, you got a fax from someone. I think it might be your Realtor lady and I thought you might want to know even though you're home sick.

Me: Thank you for calling and telling me.
Moments later:

Me: So like, we got a fax from the Realtor and I think you should call her because I don't think I'm quite in the house frame of mind right now.

Doug: Ok, I'll call. [Even though he's at work and has 50,000 things to do. Such a sweet husband.]

5 minutes later:

Doug: So, how are you feeling?

Me: Not good [5 more minutes of conversation], but wait, just tell me what happened with the Realtor.

Doug: OH that. Well, she said that an appraiser from Countrywide came to the house and said that our offer is a fair offer. So, things are moving forward right now. We just might have to close a few days after our original close date.

And now, not quite in limbo. It's not exactly clear to me how the 2nd mortgage holder will fair in this deal. But I'm done with all of the details. As of now we're potentially going to be living in a real live house September 30. And I'll rest on that for now.

The Annoyance Factor

Two things have really annoyed me about explaining this whole ordeal to people:

1. There have been many people to whom I have explained what a short sell is to and then 5 minutes later I'll hear them talking to someone else and they'll say something like, "Yeah, but it's a short sell, so that means the mortgage company trying to rush through things in a short amount of time."

No. And it's been like 6 people.

2. Many people don't understand the fact that the mortgage company's rules supersede the contract made between us and the seller. "But they HAVE to sell you the house because you have a contract with the seller."

Not exactly.


Melody said...

September 30th - at least now you have a date!!! Let me know if I can help you move/pack/whatever. I'll be around.

Melody said...

Is Sept 30th still a potential move-in date? We need a new house update!! :)

Oh, and Chris and I are officially done as of Saturday. I know I shouldn't be, but I am a little sad. But at least now I can start looking for the real Mr. Right!!