Sunday, April 24, 2005

I'll play fox; you be hound

I have a feeling that BKDotCom did this just to see if I would blog it or not, but it's bloggable no less. Even if it was done for shock value. We went on a non-date to the newish Fox & Hound. 95% of the time when I eat at a restaurant, I'll want to go wash my hands before I start eating anything. I'm not a germ-phobic person per se, but it just seems like common sense to wash them when your hands smell like anything less than soap. And I also find that restaurants will try to make something about their peeing facilities spiffy. So that other people will use it? Or it gets talked about and creates a P.R. vibe? I dunno. The Fox & Hound's bathroom claim to fame: the toilets are black (which is just weird to use) and they have mouthwash dispensable into tiny Solo cups. As a joke, I thought it would be funny to take it back to the table and tell B.K. he really needed some. Except he totally 1-upped me. He took the minty fresh Scope and put it in his iced, slightly sweetened tea. This, of course, makes my mouth open, mainly because he's over the age of 30 & did something that reminded me of things once done in 2nd grade at the lunch table.

Oddity: 20 oz. of iced tea tastes pretty good with ¼ oz. of Scope in it. I think you should market it, B.K. was gulped on by B.K. during the duration of dinner.


Chris A said...

I'll skip the iced tea and scope, but if you have any left overs. I am kinda hungry.

So maybe I have never been "gulped" during dinner or any other function for that matter. Im guessing that you said something that shocked/imbarassed him. In return he gulped as if he was looking for a way out of the situation or hoping to take the fifth?

Rachel said...

No, he totally did it to see my reaction I think. We'll see what he has to say if he chooses to comment.

BKDotCom said...

It was a fear factor shock value thing
I did the same thing a few months ago with some buttery seasoning stuff in my water. The result: prolly not going to be a crystal light flavor any time soon. Good reaction from the waiter when he was refilling glasses though.