Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Sunday Penis Parade (4/4)

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of The Sunday Penis Parade--helping you glide through the boring day of the week.

Mr. Clown finally makes this amusing hat:


Look closer at the end:

Is it JUST me or does that look very much like this, this, and this SEX TOY?

The funny part of this is that I didn't even see anything remotely dirrty about any of these balloons until my co-worker Cindy pointed it out. Then, the mind--it goed wild.

My conclusion: Mr. Clown is a pervert!


ET said...

Wow...and here I am thinking it's a butterfly or a bunch of grapes...I am WAY underexperienced in the sex toy arena. But if it has to be a sexual reference, I like the way he has dangled it tantalizingly above your face. = )

Chris A said...

You know what I think? I think that Mr. clown has a secret identity. And im going to get to the bottom of this mystery. Come on Scooby!

{to the mystery machine}

Lets see who the real Mr. Clown is here....


Mr. Clown is Miss Rachel!

Rach: And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasnt for these DAMN BLOG GROUPIES!

I knew it, now lets get out of here Scoob. Im getting my penis out of this parade!

Rachel said...

Sorry, I did not make these balloon creations. In fact, balloons make me really nervous. Shut up!

Yeah Chris, your penis does NOT belong in my parade. Get that thing OUTTA HERE!

Chris A said...

Balloons make you nervous huh? I cant let this one go.

More details here.

Did someone pop balloons behind you all the time when you were younger?

Do you scream when you see a hot air balloon?

What does helium do to you?

What about rubber balls with air in them? Do you stay away from them too?

Are you only comfortable around sexualy shaped balloons?

When they release a lot of balloons in the air. Do you stop all out going flights?

Do you carry around a needle just in case you are attracted by a balloon?

AND! Just to let you know I have been to many penis parades and never has my penis been treated this way!

{walks away in astonishment}

chris a said...

attracted should have attacked, but hey they both work! haha

Rachel said...

I was REALLT afraid of seemingly random loud noises as a child (e.g., cars backfiring, fireworks, popping balloons). I've managed to get over most of this stupid fear (at least can openly admit mine) with the exception of balloons. What really gets me skiddish is when someone picks up a balloon and squeeks it. I also don't like stretched out rubberbands pointed at me. That one might be worse than the balloon thing. And air filled rubber balls? I own an exercise ball, so apparently I don't have issues with all air-filled things. Any other questions you have about my semi-neurotic behaviors?

Chris A said...

No, I think that about covers it. I understand the rubberbands being pointed at you. I dont like that either.

I burn a lot of CD music/movies. I cant remember the last time I bought a music CD. Anyway, when someone goes threw my Cds and then returns them to the case in the wrong place or upside down that bugs me! But, its not like all the cans in my pantry have to be facing forward.. Just the CD's.

I cant let anyone else drive. If I do I have to sit in the front and watch there every move. I take my car all the time even if its not needed. Just so im driving and I know that I can leave at anytime that I want.

Since I was old enough to do my own laundry I will not let anyone touch my laundry. I have my own way and no one can seem to do it the way I like but me. Infact I do such a good job that my ex girlfriend had no problem with me doing all the laundry. Maybe she didnt think my way was great, but just like the idea of her not having to do it. hmm.

I guess those are semi-neurotic behaviors that I have.

Anonymous said...

how can you call sunday the boring day of the week?! sunday is the best day! perfect for napping and cooking and crossword puzzles. or going to the park or strip clubs. i mean, i know you can't buy alcohol on sundays in all states, but it's still probably the second or third most interesting day of the week!

ET said...

Chris, your penis is always welcome at my blog even when there is not a parade.

Rachel, I don't care one way or the other about balloons, but they're creepy!

Rachel said...

Sunday is boring in that unlike the other days, it is generally the accepted "rest" day. Regardless if you go to church or not. If you have a "traditional" M-F 9-5 schedule, then Friday and Saturday are generally when people go out. Sunday is the "yard work, laundry, sit around in your PJs watching TV" day. I never said boring was a bad thing! :)

Chris a said...

Thank ET, I'll let my penis know!