Thursday, May 26, 2005


I made a Freudian slip at work this morning. I asked my co-worker Cindy if a place where she will be singing is a bar or a restaurant and she said it was both. And I said, "Oh, so it's like...a breastaurant?" Not really thinking, just combining words together. I do like my new word a little, though.

Last evening when I was walking Shelby on the trail I saw an owl like 7 feet away from me on a tree. There's supposed to be some Native American legend about if you see an owl, then someone you know will die. My grandma's sister died last week, does that count? I also saw a hummingbird that got really close to my face. I don't know of any legends surrounding them, but since they're so cute that makes up for seeing the owl, right?

I forgot to bring my lunch yesterday so I ended up at Sonic. As I sat there eating my shit burger, I noticed a guy in his 30s sitting on the patio with two other guys (looked like co-workers) sort of staring a little at me. Didn't think anything of it. A minute later, he was standing in front of my car with his cell phone pointing at me. I had no idea what he was doing. Then it occured to me that he was probably taking pictures of me eating my burger with my sunglasses on. That weirds me out a little because I can't think of any good clean reason why a person would want to do this. So, what's a girl to do? Dip the straw wrapper in a little water and dangle them from the nose, of course! He rolled his eyes and stopped taking pictures, though.


BKDotCom said...

Hmmm... breastaurant sounds like a good alternate word for a nudie bar.

On the subject of immature behavior:
Last night I was cruising Rogers, AR for the best it has to offer. A girl in the passenger side of a minivan had her head out of the window and her tounge out. I'm not sure if the tounge was directed at, or if she had decided that she was a dog.

ET said...

I think it's a little creepy that some guy is taking your picture and you may or may not know about it. The world is just too weird for me...even eBay now has some bimbo who wants someone to pay her $1500 - $2000 to take a vacation, in exchange for which she will send them lots of her "personal items" and oh by the way she is bi-sexual. WHAT? Sounds like eBay is her pimp now.

Rachel said...

BK, maybe she was calling YOU a dog? How old was this person?

And ET, I told you to stop whoring yoruself on eBay!

ET said...

Honestly, it wasn't me! There were didn't look like me. Although my ex-husband once went to a "guy thing" with some friends who brought "guy magazines" and there was (allegedly) a girl in one of the magazines who was a dead ringer for me (back in the day, of course). So...

Anyway, I pay for my vacations the old-fashioned way: by skipping the purchase of a handbag! LOL