Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Teenage boys

Happy 3rd anniversary (I think 3rd) to my friend Cheyenne. I doubt she even knows my blog exists, though.

OK, if none of you will buy me the Sandcastle Bundt Pan, will you at least get me the Monogrammed Steak Brand so I can go around poking people in the butt with my initials?

I'm not saying that I'm the best speller in the world, but I've never seen this interpretation: "It felt a little acquard for me sorry."

My brothers are 13 and 14. My dad just gave them the birds & the bees spiel about 6 months they didn't know already, right? Or was I the only one that knew everything at 8? Anyway, I have a fantastic relationship with them and so they feel comfortable enough to ask me, ya know, the finer details about sexual things, bodies, all things they won't consider asking the parents, etc. These are the questions I was asked one Friday night. I know they wait all week to ask me these things because the moment I'm alone with either one of them, they ask a sexual/personal related question within 3 minutes. What makes this an oddity to me is how vague/short of an answer I can give. I guess they want any answer. When I was their age if someone answered my question with a "maybe," that wasn't good enough for me. I'd keep prying. OK, so I still do that. On to the Q&A session (G=Geoffrey, 14; J=Joshua, 13):

J: Sissy, what's a prick?
R: I don't actually know the "real" meaning of the word, but it's generally used in reference to a guy that's not very nice.
J: Do dogs have periods?
G: Yeah, do they?
R: Sort of. (They were fine with this answer!?)
J: Do YOU have periods?
R: Yup.
J: Do you feel it?
R: 95% of the time, no
J:Eww, but wow
R: Anything else you want to know or should I start volunteering information here?
G: o....K? (obviously grossed out by all of this and the less inquisitive of the two)

Being big sister is wonderful. I'm just waiting for one of them to ask me who Nina Hartley is. (I'm sure Elon knows, Becky. Gotcha!). Or how I will respond when they ask me about my experiences (or lack thereof). I already really love being around them because they're cool kiddos, we laugh a LOT, and we really don't fight when it's the three of us, but I'm really going enjoy them once they're adults. big happy family.


Chris A said...

I need the birds and the bees talk. Are you a good teacher? Im not that great of a student. I need more hands on and visual effects...

Rachel said...

I do have a degree in education. Don't think I'd be the best for tactile and visual experiences, though.