Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Umm, thanks? (2)

I was just on hold for our other office and the hold message sounds like some wannabe Barry White with cheesy sax music in the background. It sounds like corny porn music. I'm going to have to talk to someone about that since I've been known to choose the background music from time to time. I do NOT want my name on that one!

There are just certain things I take for granted sometimes. For instance, if you live in Buffalo, NY, I would take for granted that you've seen Niagra Falls at least once. If you have lived in Tulsa for 10 years and your parents aren't dirt poor (and even if they were), I take for granted that you've been to Zio's at least once. I guess I'll stop assuming from now on, but come on! Zio's? After 10 years?

I hate it when someone gives me a compliment and then covers it up with something that's not quite as nice as the compliment. I call these "umm, thanks" moments. I wore these yesterday:

Except the shirt is in blue and not the wine color. Someone made this comment to me, "Rachel you look really summery and cute today. I love it! What? Did you have your personal shopper with you this time or something?"

Umm...thanks? And...maybe someone was with me when I picked out the skirt. But I chose the top all by my lonesome. thankyouverymuch


Chris A said...

The top is cool.. the skirt looks like the curtains that I saw in my grandmas kitchen when I was younger. Just being honest.

Im going to quote someone here just for fun and I dont know who it is that I am quoting but here it goes.

A dress is worthless unless it makes a man want to take it off of you.

haha classic

Rachel said...

I guess it does look like curtains. Darn you, Chris, now I'm going to think that every time I wear it! And I will be wearing the curtains often because they're comfy.

Chris A said...

Im sure it looks very cute on you anyway. Isnt the curtain look in now? I see it a lot, But what do I know. I where multi pocket khakis with button up shirts tucked in and half way buttoned up.