Monday, May 23, 2005

Stop feeding the birds!

Goal accomplishment checklist for the weekend:

1. Turn off cell phone and home phone and sleep an extra long time Saturday morning (What is wrong with me? I took a nap on Friday and then woke up at 8:00 on Saturday. I feel so old!)
2. Find two new pairs of jeans because out of your regular two pairs, one is too big and the other has a some funny brown stain on the knee from something that was on car
3. Wax upper lip;try not to tear up when doing so
4. Buy French memo board for mentee if I can find a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
5. Watch The Notebook with D.
6. Watch Swingers, Blues Brothers, and Edward Scissorhands
7. Say nothing stupid in front of D's parents (At least I think I accomplished this)
8. Buy big bags of mozarella and cheddar cheese
9. Figure out what, if anything, I'm doing over Memorial Day weekend
10. Read at least three chapters of my trashy romance novel (I didn't even make it through one)
11. Dust inside of car/wash inside of back glass/try to clean off strange mark on the dash that was there when I got the car (How am I supposed to clean the tiny part of the back glass? It's going to forever look foggy now!)
12. Buy toe ring that won't fall apart the 3rd time I wear it (tried, but couldn't find a cute one)

Such high goals for myself. All things considered, I did pretty well. Maybe I'll get around to one of the movies tonight.

Never in my entire life have I had a strong desire to just kill a nest of baby birds. I do now! My apartment is on the second floor. There are these little holes on the side of the building. I think they are the air vents for the clothes dryer. On the end of the hole there is a flap. When air flows through the hole, the flap opens. When there is no air flow, the flap is closed. These flappy things are literally 6 feet from my head as I sleep, two floors of them. Does the flap near my head close when the dryer isn't running? Of course not! That would make things too easy. So, flap stays open and momma bird makes a nest in there. Apparently birdies like to eat at 5 am SHARP. And within the nest the babies all try to be the loudest so that momma will give it the worm. 5 am is far too early for sibling rivalry for me.

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