Friday, May 27, 2005

Slim through the leg

Happy 50th to my mommy! Who had to go to a funeral today in Arkansas. What a crappy way to spend a birthday, especially an important one.

I woke up this morning not tired, but with that sense of impending illness. And very very chillish. Bleh.

So, I'm a mentor and our next activity is going to be going to the zoo. The girl chose that by herself. Since it's open 9-5 and I have an 8:30-5 :00 job, that means we have to go on either Saturday or Sunday. I'm supposed to see her once a week. We pretty much have to go next weekend. We're going on the 4th. I didn't quite finish the new Urban Tulsa yesterday. So, I'm reading along and I see this ad for Tulsa's Diversity Celebration-read Gay Pride Parade. June 4th is totally "Gay Day at the Zoo" and "Fashionably Gay Bingo." This will be a problem as I'm not even fashionably straight! It will be a learning experience. Now, if I could just find someone to go to the actual Parade with me. Just to see what it's all about. Someone-someone-anyone???

On to my rant: The Gap sucks. I didn't really put much thought into what I saw there at the time because my thoughts in the dressing room last weekend were more along the lines of, "Try on stuff quickly, D. doesn't want to be here." Then again, I have the same thoughts when I'm in the dressing room, too. "I don't really want to be here." In the stalls they have a nice little poster explaining all of the differences between jean styles. There are two choices for women's jeans as far as hip/thigh is concerned--loose through the leg or slim through the leg. What I want to know is who actually gets slim through the leg? All the women I know have the exact opposite problem with this area. Even my tiny friend Michelle who's like 4' 11" and 95 pounds and a size 4 has an issue with the legs not being big enough in the thigh area. (Speaking of which, if she's 95 pounds and 4" 11", WHO is wearing size 0???) Seriously, can you imagine a woman coming out of the dressing room and saying, "I love these jeans but they are just SOOO huge through my hip and thigh area!" No? Well, that's because she wouldn't be trying on clothes with anyone she knows near her because average women don't LIKE her.


LT said...

I'll steal ET's thunder and say that she went last year to the Gay Pride parade and that she'll probably be up for going again. I thought she was there scouting for a birthday present for me, but alas, I got videos.

LT said...

And not THOSE type of videos.

Rachel said...

So uhh...what kind of birthday present?

LT said...

You know, a sort of present that I could share at Penthouse forum.

By the way, I don't get women's sizes. I mean, I don't understand them. How can women be egg-shaped and still wear "petite?"

Rachel said...

It is my understanding that petite refers more to how tall the woman is rather than how wide or skinny she is. Or at least when I'm shopping the petite section signs say: "Petite: 5' 4" and under". I'm not the fashion queen, though.

ET said...

Damn LT. I did go to Gay Pride last year, but I missed the parade. And I would be more than happy to attend with you this year, Rachel. People will think we're a couple though, so just be prepared.

As for LT's "birthday present"...turns out it was MY present, not his. Muahahahahaha!

Actually a girl started an interesting conversation with me and my sister "saved" me by jumping in with "Oh, she's STRAIGHT!" THANKS A LOT.

ET said...

Oh, and people bring Shelby is welcome to come along. You can buy her a nice rainbow collar or other supportive accessories...they usually have several pet booths.