Saturday, May 28, 2005

Toilet food/SOAD

Amusing world news:

Why didn't I think of this?
Proof that jerking off really does cause blindness.

Is it just me or does SOAD's lead singer look like he wasn't hugged enough as a child? He's 38, people!

For the first time in I guess 2 weeks, I finally got a full 8 hours of sleep last night. I feel so refreshed. And ready to take a nap.

ET/LT, D. and I watched Meet the Fockers and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I give it a 6.5/10.

I'm going to a wedding today in Miami, OK. Mainly for the cake. cake. Yum! I'm going to wear the same thing I wore to ET & LT's wedding, too. Yes, nearly 3 years ago. I expect that an "acquard" conversation will take place at some point that goes something along the lines of a random person asking if I am the girlfriend. Nope. But the thought of him going to a wedding all by himself is a really disturbing thought to me. I'll gladly fulfill the "moderately pretty girl that came with the nerd" role. As always, I do mean that in the nicest way possible.

Next up: The church chronicles


ET said...

1. I did that Viagra joke two days ago;

2. Is 6.5 out of 10 a good score in your book? It was not anywhere near as funny as I had hoped for, but Jack getting his come-uppance was almost worth the wait. May I just say that the "Fockers" were an AWESOME couple and great parents.

3. Who did you go to this wedding with? Because if it was D. then I don't think you can get out of being called the girlfriend. Esp. after he has "met the parents."

Rachel said...

1. Really? I looked on the bloggy blog and didn't see it. I actually read that headline on Yahoo news so it's possible that we came up with the same joke?

2. 6.5 would equate to 65% goodness. So not too good. Fockers might be an awesome couple, but I thinks Babs isn't too good looking.

3. BK, he was desparate. I got me some cake :)

LT said...

I still felt like Meet the Fockers was more uncomfortable than funny, especially with Focker dragging his "son" onstage in front of all those relatives. Plus, Jack's "comeuppance" is not nearly enough. Someone sticks a needle in me and all that happens is a silly half-fight between fathers? Wouldn't these things come up again in the future? "Say Jack, remember that time you stuck that needle in my neck and shot me full of truth-serum? Pass the turkey." This is like the book Pamela by Samuel Richardson, in which a servant girl is tormented by her employer and eventually raped, all after he calls her names and castigates her for "tempting" him. She marries him and this is supposed to be a romantic ending. But how will future conversations go? "Remember how you used to call me slut and whore in the old days, honey? Oh, last night was almost as good as the first time you raped me." I don't get it.

Rachel said...

LT, I agree! Jack was babied around and he's just generally not a very nice person. Meet the Parents was also more uncomfortable than funny. But I still liked it, but only 65% on the 100% bar.