Thursday, May 05, 2005

Candy Differentiator

Scott's gone on Idol! Yay!

At the band concert Tuesday I browsed through the middle school yearbook. And Joshua was voted "sweetest" in the 6th grade poll. Ahhh... And between the two brothers, you can't hardly look at any of the clubs without seeing their faces.

I shouldn't have went to Cold Stone Creamery this weekend. My co-workers went out to smoke and the owners of the new one @ 103rd & Memorial were passing out huge samples of their stuff. The three of us all had free ice cream for breakfast. Candy Land for me. Yummy goodness! Except that the green and blue M&Ms shells got a little melty into the white ice cream and mixed together to make a weird puke green color.

Which brings me to another piece of blog fodder closely related to eating ice cream for breakfast at work. When anyone ever asks me what I do at work, I always have to reply with a blank look and an "err...I...umm...well...Do you really want to know or will it suffice to say I work at an independent telephone company and 70% of the time I do accouting stuff?" That usually does it. Most people hear the word accounting and the brain shuts off. Which is fine because I usually don't want to explain what I do.

With that other 30% of the time I have been known to perform a wide array of odd/interesting job tasks. But I think what I was (unofficially) asked to do Tuesday is the most odd/funny. As part of some promotional thing, we got three types of candy in wrappers with our logo on them. One candy tastes and looks a lot like Chewy Spree, one is round bubble gum, and the other candy is some type of minty-chocolate ball gilded with an M&M like coating. Hopefully the resident "Candy Wrapper Man" still reads this and will submit to a sample of minty balls and tell me what the heck they are. I want my candy to have a name. The problem with this candy is that the wrappers are all identical. It's easy to tell the Spree-like candies apart because they are flat. The gum and minty balls are difficult to tell apart. But I can! Gum is like 5% bigger, usually has more air in the package, and it's a smoother sphere. So that was my job. Separate out some candy for us. How could I refuse? It was just too funny. I think what makes it so odd is that the gamut of my job responsibilities run from very menial to "if I screw this up, no one gets paid this period/the IRS comes after us/the company bounces checks." Separating candy beats grading papers at 11:30 pm on a Sunday night ANY day of the week.


BKDotCom said...

Those only have generic names and SKU numbers. "French Mints" is about as descript as you can get... even though they're not always candy-coated.

Do a search for "hospitality mints" (covers any individualy wrapped minty thing), "french mints," or "wedding mints".

I'm more of a "wrapper" expert. What you've got there are the generic pillow-packs with your logo on em.

Rachel said...

I knew that they were a brand name of candy, but I had NO name for them. So, French mints is somethihnk like I was searching for. And I figured that if anyone would know, you would. :)