Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's that time of year again

I'm not a huge fan, but Dad and me have been doing this for at least 10 years.

May the 4th be with you. :)
This is just so silly that is may work.
In the Tulsa World yesterday, this couple applied for a marriage license:

Amanda Brown, 23; Stephen Stephens, 37, both of Cleveland, Okla.

I'm trying hard to think of the mother's excuse/reason to name her child this. The ONLY explanation I can come up with is that Stephen's mommy potentially remarried a guy with that last name. Otherwise, I don't get it.
Geoffrey and Joshua (middle school brothers) are SOOO stressin' right now. Or really just Geoff at the present because I'm not sure Joshua caught wind of what happened. I went to their band concert last night (Geoff-percussion; Josh-flute...they both rock, too) and there was some phone number exchanging between myself and one of their teachers. He and I graduated together so it's not like a teacher just randomly started talking to me. We stood around and talked for like 90 minutes. Lots of groovy signals and signs. I AM into him. However, it's not like I think anything would ever happen, becasue let's face it: Although I haven't physically seen him in the last 6 years (waiting in line to take the certification exams for teaching at 7:30 am doesn't count), I didn't just drop off the planet. I mean, my goodness, BOTH of my parents teach there and my brothers ARE in his class. And he knows that they're my brothers. If he were that interested, I would only assume that he would have asked about me either through my brothers or my dad. Geoffrey and Joshua don't know this fact, though and I don't plan on telling them. It's just funny to see them squirm.


ET said...

Okay...I think this is an excellent prospect. Perhaps he did not inquire about you before because he was involved? Busy? Not sure if he was going to suddenly be moving to Botswana? At any rate, if there was some chemistry at the concert and you guys have suddenly noticed each other (and sometimes that just takes time -- remember, LT and I went to school together and nothing happened until the next year and, even then only because I made the first REAL move) then I say GO GET HIM SISTER! And the school year is almost over, so your brothers won't be in his class much longer.

chris a said...

Cereal bar and cafe. Im not surprised. To be honest, there is not much that does shock me in life. The only thing I can think of is why didnt I think of it first.

Here is a funny story. I was 10 or 11 years old. My mom was cooking bacon and it was taking forever. I asked her. Why cant you just put the bacon in the microwave. She told me that it couldnt work. And that you had to have a special pan to do it anyway.

After thinking for a few minutes I went back to the kitchen. I said to her. All we need to do is hang the bacon on a rack that is microwave safe(I knew of microwave safe because my mom once told me I could use the microwave and I use one of her expansive gold/medal lined plates and sparks flew). Then the grease would fall off the bacon. TAA DAHH!

She just brushed the idea off and went back to cooking. I never thought about it again.

Time passed. Life went on. Then one day while watching one of those talk shows I saw a little girl with her dad. The topic of the show was something along the lines of "kids that invent".

The little girl had a BACON RACK similar to my idea. remembering what I had said to my mom. I called her into the room. Telling her about the money that we missed out on.

To this day she does not remember that conversation nor does she even believe me. But, I know better I know I was the first to think of this idea! Now, you see many different kinds of the rack.

Because of this experience. I listen to kids opinions a lot more. Simple minds have great ideas. And in a fast pasted we want it now society these minds can help.

So now, I sit back. Thinking, waiting, and hoping for that next million dollar idea.

Rachel said...

And Ms. ET can help us get it patented (I think). Speaking of sparks in the microwave, Chris, I can't remember if I've blogged this before either one here or someone else's but anywho: once my brother stuck a calculator in the microwave for about 10 minutes. He was probably 4-6, too young to know. Calculator did not work after it got out.

ET, yes he is! But I made it very clear last night that HE was to call ME. I shall not be posting the results, but I shall be emailing you like a crazy goon if we do go out.

Mags said...

doug? is it doug? wasn't he dating someone all throughout high school? i bet he looks exactly the same!

Rachel said...

I forget that Maggie also graduated with me and that she reads this. I'm slightly embarrased now. And we discussed high school dating and he was apparently with Michelle Petty (who was also at the band but without her circus husband) and Jenny Nelson. And I think someone else but I can't remember.

ET said...

So, did he call you? (You can e-mail the answer) Today LT and I took our books back to the university library (thank god papers are over!) and the clerk asked if I was a makeup artist. I said "uh, no" (and LT were standing there talking about G saying something about me being a lawyer) and she says "well, you should go work for Dillard's or someplace... you're makeup is great." Right. Hook me up with Dillard's (who doesn't even SELL anything that I generally use, except the Woodland store sells MAC and I use MAC gloss and lip and eye pencils) and let me quit any sort of meaningful intellectual career. But I was flattered that she liked my makeup. Moral: if you go out with this guy and want cosmetic assistance, I might be your girl.

Anonymous said...

I was recently in a similar situation. I ran into this girl I had not seen in several years. I have always found her attractive, but for whatever reason nothing ever happened. So, we began talking. We had talked hours. I knew I had to see her again, so we exchanged numbers. A few days later I called her and after a two hour conversation I finally worked up enough courage to ask her out. We went out Saturday and had a nice time. While we were waiting for our reservations at our restaurant, we went for a walk (NOTE: Apparently when the table buzzer the restaurants give you stray approximately 100 feet from the restaurant it begins to beep incessantly. I guess it is the restaurants feeble attempts to prevent theft. I am not quite sure why anyone would want one, but you know there is some high school or college student somewhere that has started his own collection). Anyway, to sum everything up we had a nice evening and I look forward to many more.

I honestly could not tell you why I did not contact her before now. I guess sometimes you do not realize a good thing until it slips through your fingers.

Rachel said...

If I could figure out a way to make the buzzer buzz non-stop, I'm pretty sure I could think of at least one reason why a person might want one. ;)