Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Anti-alcohol? Me???

Credit card fraud update: I'm so impressed with Discover Card. They called me Wednesday about the card fraud and my new card was in the mail Monday. In the color I had before and everything! And they even asked if I needed it overnighted when it was being reissued. I've never had to wait on hold and they even reissued my $40 Blockbuster free rental coupon book when I goofed up the first one by peeling off a sticker on the back. And it looks like the total amount written off of my account that I didn't charge was $1865.80. Much better news than last week.

I took my final at TCC last night and went directly to the gym. As I was working out on the elliptical with the headphones on passively listening to Everybody Loves Raymond AND reading a book (man, I SO have ADD), I thought "Darn it, this is probably the last time I get to use this gym until the fall, IF I take a class." I'm going to miss it. Or at least the ellipticals and the hip abduction/adduction machine.

See...this is what happens when I just want to paste a conversation but don't want to embarrass the person (nothing for him to be embarrased about, though). Anyway, last night was the very first time I've talked to this guy. It's just weird how when I don't mention anything at all, somehow people just pick up on things:

(21:26:35) tulsaxxpxxx: so, what do you do for fun...yep (it was a local game) although i can work a drillers game this year if they need a fill in
(21:26:52) reharden: umm...
(21:27:13) reharden: I try not to focus too much of my attention on any one thing so I can diversify myself...doesn't always work
(21:27:15) reharden: anyway...
(21:28:01) reharden: I enjoy reading, playing with my dog (first pet I've ever had so she's a BIG deal to me), watching movies (only once), eating at new restaurants, trying new things, music, umm...
(21:28:09) reharden: I'm a calm person generally
(21:28:15) reharden: I mean, as far as my activities go
(21:28:20) reharden: I work out often so I guess that's "fun"
(21:28:29) tulsaxxpxxx: yeah, i don't drink...never saw the point
(21:29:03) reharden: wait...did I say anything about alcohol anywhere or do I just send out anti-alcohol vibes or something?
(21:29:29) tulsaxxpxxx: it was the calm comment...sounded like you don't drink much or at all

I didn't realize that I was THAT transparent!


ET said...

Hmm. Well, I am a completely neurotic person and I don't drink. But I do have the ADD thing...pretty certain of that. Oh look, a bird. Anyway...went to a party last night that is annually thrown by a TU Prof and, I must say, this year it was actually a lot of fun. And despite the various wines, margarita mixers, and such like, I did not drink anything other than a Sprite and a Dr. Pepper. And we (as a class) are going out to the bar Wednesday after our final and I probably won't drink there either. (But partly because they are a "beer bar" and can't make any mixed drinks that I like.) I'm just tagging along for the comeraderie and any food that might be edible. I am going to miss SOME of the people in this class...well, until the fall.

Rachel said...

I think it's weird that there even IS a soiree for class. Maybe it's a graduate student thing?