Monday, May 02, 2005

Rip her head off!

The only odd thing I saw this weekend occured Saturday night. I was on my way from Blockbuster to Cold Stone Creamery. At 82nd & Sheridan, there was a minor car accident. Involved in the accident was a car that looked like the Batmobile. Possibly a Corvette, but it was dark so I have no idea. Anyway, the Batmobile actually had a Batman logo on the front vanity plate. Not really an oddity, but just sort of amusing to see the Batmobile in a car accident. I hope no one was hurt, though.

I was informed a few weeks ago on a trip from my apartment to my parents' house with my brother Geoffrey of an unknown (to me) fact about Joshua, the younger brother. He apparently used to take Barbie dolls, rip the heads off of them, and snuggle with JUST the Barbie head when he slept. Geoff said he was 3 or 4ish. Apparently all three of us be a little wacky.

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