Saturday, May 14, 2005

It ain't just yo family

Maybe I got it all wrong and Shelby really is ok with men but just not strangers. And maybe she's only ok with men that are better suited for me or just nicer guys in general? Because she actually followed a man's command last night that had only been here one previous time and started showing her true self. True self means she didn't bark constantly (which is what everyone else sees) and the stump tail-waggine happened lots. I loved the context clue the man used, though: "Well, we'll see if she remembers me next time." Ahh...I guess that means there will be a next time. Well, there ya go. (that's me already starting to steal phrases)
My 3rd cousin Kerry (I think that's how she's related) got busted for the third time for pot/para. I neither really codone nor condemn this action, but it IS illegal. And my gosh, if you're going to smoke pot on a regular basis and have the same last name as me, can't you PLEASE just be smart enough to not get caught. However, I'm not sure which is worse: being stupid and getting caught for the third time (she's only 22) or the fact that her official charge is listed as "UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF MARIHUANA." Who spells is with an H? I know it can be spelled like that but I've never seen it. Welcome to Ohklerhoamuh! And to my close to near Arkansas-born family.

On a similar note, I think I'm officially the only person I know that hasn't either smoked pot, done any drug, or been drunk. What is wrong with me?


ET said...

I have never smoked pot or used any type of illegal drug either. I have been "sort of" drunk one time (the time AMD and the medical student I was seeing at the time took me out to The Brink and bought me two Long Island Teas). It was enough to feel loopy and like I couldn't stand up, but not enough to be hung over or sick the next day. So whether that qualifies as drunk I am not sure. Oh, and I have STILL never had a beer. We oddities have to stick together.

Chris A said...

While you may not want to see some of these people outside of a bar. Getting drunk with them and talking all night is great fun. I have met many of people high and lower class. I have got many different connections because of my socialized drinking. Just be smart have a DD when you go home.

socialized drinking in moderation... A+

Smoking pot. Well, what can I say about pot. less addictive then cigarettes and not as nasty as cigarettes(I quit smoking cigs about 4 years ago when my grandmother got lung cancer). cigarettes are the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen. I dont even know why I use to smoke.

Driving while high is a lot safer then driving drunk. (though I believe that you should ONLY smoke at home or in closed doors)Marijuana should and will one day be legal.

I had my first joint at 16. Then I quit when I was 19 just because I wanted too(I have the GREATEST self-control of anyone that I have ever met in my life) and because to be honest it gets old... I dont understand people that have addictions to stuff anything... like soda or cigs or weed or anything. Im just not and addictive person.

Now, I only smoke once in a great while and ONLY when im not going to be going any where. Because, im real chatty and love to talk... love it. But when I smoke im like a zombie and I dont like to be around people when I am high. Like the last time I smoke about three months ago I wanted to go to sleep and I dont like to take ANY KIND of pills. (I think I talked about why I dont like to take pills once here.. was it here? I dont remember)

Other drugs like speed and stuff and MOST of the drugs that our government lets into the public should ALWAYS be illegal.

I am watching someone close to me ruin the only life that one has.
Though its hard from me to understand or have compassion for this person or any person that knows what they are doing to there body and mind with these stupid stupid man made drugs. I wish that one day they wake up and relize what they are doing before it kills them.


..."sort of" drunk...

So whether that qualifies as drunk I am not sure.

If I remember right your married. YOU need to tell your husband to take you out for a night on the town. Go drinking (slowly though) get drunk and not a sort of or a not sure kinda drunk. Go dancing/clubing and I dont want to hear.. "im to old for that(not saying that your old. I dont know how old you are) or thats not me" Everyone has it in them dig deep. Trust me. Its fun and can lead to GREAT FORPLAY AND SEX if you dont get to drunk. And take Rachel with you for god sakes.

Okay, I have to know. What do you ladies do for fun? Sit around the house and and play monopoly. Not saying that you cant have fun without beer and a pool of KY...

Rachel said...

Hmm...if ET takes me along and there's great foreplay and sex involved, does that mean it's supposed to be with her? :)

Chris A said...

Hey you know. Whatever floats your boat. ;D

ET said...

Well, I do have a DD. No wait...I have DDs, NOT the same thing.

Chris, I am a control freak. I don't like feeling buzzed because then I feel like I can't walk straight and it drives me crazy. Not that I can walk straight on any given day. I also don't care for the taste of most alcohol. I used to go clubbing QUITE a lot, and enjoyed most of it (and WAS the DD). But that train has sailed. It's not that I am too old (I went recently to a lesbian club/bar with one of my sisters -- BORING!), it's just that it's not much fun anymore...and you get home reeking of cigarette smoke and whatever drink someone spilled on your outfit. They have closed MY club, and the prospect of listening to techno with a bunch of barely legals is not appealing to me. LT and I do go to a pub downtown from time to time, usually with classmates, but I don't even bother to drink there anymore. We also go to an English Pub that is quite quaint. But unless they have a frozen pina colada or a fruity drink I'm out.

Rachel, my thoughts exactly. And after that whole shoe site incident, who knows?! Cue LT's porn music... ;)