Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just call back

I try really hard not to complain about the crappy driving of others. But I've been disturbed by the thought lately that goes something like "if you are going to wait until the count of one Mississippi, two Mississippi AFTER the red light to zoom on through, you almost deserve to get hit." And it's not that I really want anyone to get hit/hurt and I can sorta kinda understand going RIGHT when the light turns red. But after two whole seconds?

This somewhat ties in with he's just not that into you. There is a behavior we females tend to engage in that I don't understand at all. I don't think I've ever actually done this, so I'm not talking about me here. And if I ever have, I'm very sorry. Imagine the following scenario: You go out on one date with a guy. You didn't really dig him for whatever reason. He calls you the next day or two days after the date and you don't answer. You were in the bathroom or something. You don't really want to go out with him again. Do you call back or not? Apparently a lot of women choose to not call the guy back. Here's why this is the wrong choice:

A) Although men try not to show it, I'll bet that they're just as psychotic as woman are on this "is she going to call me"/sitting by the phone thing. And even if you don't like him, do you really want him to be as pathetic as we get sometimes?

B) Let's say the guy you went out with was a little on the crazy side. This is just fuel for the fire. And trust me when I say you do not want a psycho stalker on your tail!

C) It's just plain rude

Did I say you had to go out with him again? NO!!! If you don't like him, that's fine. Just remember that you did at least have the self-confidence to go out with him once. Would it really be so hard for you to call him back and talk for less than 10 minutes and say, "Look, Bob, you're just not my type"? Or whatever excuse you want to use? He might be upset that you don't like him, but in the end at least he won't be able to call you a rude bitch.


BKDotCom said...

You preach it sister.

chris a said...

look, its me not you okay?

The all time best line right there.

You know, you made me think about if I have ever sat and waited at the phone for someone to call... And to be honest only once have I ever said is she going to call did she have as good of a time as I did? And that was four years ago.

Yesterday was my birthday! WOOHOO I made it one more year. So I played in a poker game yesterday got free drinks and won 3rd place. Then I was dragged out of the bar by a few friends who then took me to fayetteville for a birthday party... I didnt know this was coming.

I also didnt think that my exgirlfiend was going to be there either with her boyfriend
(ironically enough this is the same and only girl that I waited by the phone for once upon a time) had I known this I would have stayed at the bar and played in the second tournament. BUT me being the nice guy that I am I sucked it up and put a smile on my face. And I cant be that mad about it because I am living with my exgf sister. So im going to see her a lot anyway. Her new boyfriend is an awesome guy I spent most of my time talking to him while they where there and giving my political spin to my ex's questions to me... I wasnt tring to be an ass I just didnt want to talk to her. I act nice to her all the time when I see her... But on my birthday Im taking the night off! hahaha

So thank you to my firends who tried to give me a fun birthday party, but next year dont make a big deal about it. You all know me by now. I dont care about birthdays, but I care about my friends :)

ET said...

Well well and LT have back to back birthdays. But I think he is a bit older than you. And I KNOW I posted a response to this earlier, where did it go?

ET said...

Well, since it seems to have gone post earlier said something to the effect that I hate doing the call back and then having the guy (who you don't like in the first place) try to convince you that you really DO like him, that you want to marry him, that he is THE guy for you, and that you want to have his kids. Even though you KNOW and you've TOLD HIM that you don't want another child. Anyway...

Rachel said...

Hmmmm....methinks I need to know THAT story, ET! Also pathetic is when you do something awful intentionally (in high school) to make the guy break up with you. And then he still wants you. And then you actually have to say, "Yeah, I did (insert bad thing I/you/girl/guy intentionally did) just so that you'd break up with me." Then they feel like real fools. And so did I.

LT said...

Yep. I did the "awful thing to make you break up with me" a few times in high school. My warped mind at the time thought that if the girl broke up with me, that would save her self-esteem, not counting on the fact that the awful thing had blown it to smithereens.

By the way, I have to quote Sam Kinison here and say, "TELL US!" I hate the whole "washing my hair" "out of town" "with my friends that night" crap that women pull. Just say that you're not interested in a second date or whatever, or, even better, a first, and avoid the whole awkward situation. Have some guts. Women want men to be up front with them and tell the truth, but omitting the truth is the same as lying. Be fair and just say it. Believe me, men are way too egotistical to be down for long.